2009 eleventh drive of motivation of Chinese northeast international and control

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  • Run a country:
  • Chinese mainland
  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2009-3-31~2009-4-3
  • Sign up end:
  • 2009-4-3
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • Shenyang international exhibition center
  • Approve an unit:
  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Shenyang city equipment makes guild
    Exhibition of Liaoning north industry and commerce serves finite liability company
  • Undertake unit:
  • Assist run an unit:
  • Liaoning saves automation to learn
    Liaoning saves association of science and technology
    Liaoning saves fluid drive and control society
    Drive of Shenyang city fluid and control learn
    Jilin saves automation to learn
    Heilongjiang saves automation to learn
    Liaoning saves power limited company
    Shenyang air-blower (group) limited company
    Shenyang machine tool (group) finite liability company
    Industry of one boat Shenyang aircraft (group) limited company
    Become electrical engineering especially limited company of Shenyang transformer group
    North weighs industry group limited company
    Inc. of Shenyang electric machinery
    Limited company of 31 heavy equipment
    Engine of Shenyang dawn aviation (group) finite liability company
    Shenyang north traffic weighs industry group limited company
    • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
    • Drive of motivation of experienced northeast of 10 single-page calendar the first exhibit
      Northeast motivation drive is exhibited (since SPTC) was held first 1999 oneself, successive already success held 10, in all accumulative total attracts 3625 ginseng that come from more than 10 country and area to postpone business, exhibit an area 30, 000 square metre, professional audience always 42, 000 person-time, SPTC already became northeast area to enjoy relatively professional grand meeting of Gao Meiyu, in the meantime, SPTC is exhibited hold together at the same time with exposition of northeast industry equipment, this mutual on industry and technology correlation will give exhibit business and postpone business between, exhibit the multiple communication that expect brings to be less than between business and audience, be sure to become the main platform that reveals drive of current motive force and control domain to develop at full speed. SPTC and exhibition of northeast industry equipment are held at the same time, go to implementation from mechanical component of lead plane one-stop purchase, offer optimal solution for advanced industry science and technology. SPTC is exhibited as exposition of northeast industry equipment important advocate component, see apparently, year after year has added tendency. Of each application that regard SPTC demand as the face industry purchase idiosyncratic, should do 9 years more meticulous differentiate, of the respect such as machine of pump valve, pneumatics, bearing, bedspring, fastener join, make SPTC provides glorious more, become postpone the another central issue of the meeting. It is Chinese equipment manufacturing industry and applied industry to make a motivation, drive and pilot reveal hard, purchase the issuance with new information platform.
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