2008 (the 10th) drive of Dalian international motivation and control technology

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  • Run a country:
  • Chinese mainland
  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2008-5-28~2008-5-30
  • Sign up end:
  • 2008-4-1
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • Dalian star sea can exhibit a center
  • Approve an unit:
  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Liaoning saves machinist Cheng to learn
  • Undertake unit:
  • Dalian China exhibits an exhibition to serve limited company
  • Assist run an unit:

Double new exhibition engineers Dalian limited company

  • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
  • Since was held successfully first 1999, drive of motivation of “ Dalian international and ” of control technology exhibition already held 8 successfully continuously, progressively establish its significant position on this domain, already developed become current and congener exhibit what scale implements most in the meeting meeting. According to statistical data presentation, the ginseng that every station can have 85% at least postpones a business to exhibiting the result is very satisfactory. Predict 2008, of drive of motivation of “ Dalian international and ” of control technology exhibition exhibit will exhibit the ginseng of the meeting to postpone business than on one year many one times, corresponding, the organizing committee also increased the strength that trafficker invites, the safeguard of utmost joins the benefit that extends trade.
    “ drive of motivation of international of the 10th Dalian and ” of control technology exhibition in May 2008 28-30 day is held in Dalian, it is the machinery and electric drive, fluid drive and control, international grand meeting that compresses air technology, mechanical spare parts, bearing, we believe it can be manufacturer, distributors certainly, purchase business and property wife person provides a first-rate communication and commerce platform.

    The geographical environment with superior Dalian
    1, business of Dalian — modern international, the economy that develops with its, advantaged situation and humanitarian environment are gotten running whole and northeast economy, it is one of first selection cities that the foreign trader invests, it is bank of foreign capital of Chinese northern region most centralized city and center of the largest international settle accounts.
    2, class of Dalian city industry is all ready, capability of integrated form a complete set is stronger, it is city of main industrial city, heavy chemical industry, 90 time become the industry of Dalian and agricultural gross Liaoning the first, also be northeast the first. The strategy that revitalizes base of northeast old industry is decision-making already entered executive phase, business chance is infinite.
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