Technology of cement of the 9th China International and equipment exhibition / p

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Ginseng extend range
  • Ginseng extend range:
  • {$product$}
  • Rate:
  • Rate of company of international of domestic company rate
    Enter formal price (RMB) enters formal price (USD)
    The standard exhibits a 9 ㎡ (3mx3m) 8600 standard exhibits a 9 ㎡ (3mx3m) 2500
    Indoor solely every square metre (36 ㎡ rise) ground of 860 indoor light every square metre (since 36 ㎡) 250
    Solely every square metre outdoor (36 ㎡ rise) 550 solely every square metre outdoor (since 36 ㎡) 200

    4, the peak is met rate
    Rate of company of international of domestic company rate
    Enter formal price (RMB) enters formal price (USD)
    The peak is met assist run an unit 200000 peaks are met assist run an unit 30000
    Peak assemble makes an unit 100000 peaks assemble makes an unit 15000
    The technology communicates meeting 6000/20 minute the technology communicates meeting 1500/20 minute
    Attend a peak to meet 1600/ person attend a peak to meet 1250/ person
    Meeting gift, price is the peak 60000RMB handbag, price rests for tea of big screen of 30000RMB assembly room advertisement, price is 10000RMB

    5, ad rate
    Enterprise of international of company of home of advertisement of market of proceedings of a conferences, paper
    RMB20000 USD 2500 of inside front cover
    Home page RMB10000 USD 1250 is inserted inside
    RMB15000 USD 2000 of inside back cover
    Back cover RMB20000 USD 2500
    Inside foldout RMB6000 USD 800
    Entrance ticket (rear advertisement) the price is RMB 10000/ 10 thousand pieces, postpone meeting, summit meeting bosom gets stuck (rear advertisement is exclusive) the price is RMB 10000
    Portable bag: It is advertisement at the same time exclusive, the price is RMB 8000

Exhibit meeting site activity
  • Exhibit meeting site activity:
  • Peak of cement of 2008 China International meets:
    Time: In April 2008 1 - 3 days of places: Big public house of Shanghai light big international
    Invite report to seek advice about material detailed information: 010 - 88366101
    Meeting, technology communication can talk publication peak of the corresponding period collected works
Connect a data
  • Contact:
  • Zhang Diankui

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