CINHOE 2008 nourishment of the 4th international. Healthy food and organic produ

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Reviewing of previous term or session:
The 3rd CINHOE is held at succeeding in September 2007, wonderful confused shows it may be said, business chance is infinite, the public figure inside course of study is established the biggest, person enrages dimensions of countrywide nutrition industry most the professional grand meeting with flourishing, best effect; Have biochemistry of quick result of biology of culmination of well-known company LIFE-FLO HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS CORP, NUSKIN, GEN SCRIPT, MERTEK, AXimed As, Taiwan, Taiwan, Taiwan wide Yin Xiangwei course of study of hall of colleague of benefit, Beijing, Shandong, NIPPON PAPER INDUSTRIEO TRADING CO. , limited company of company of conspicuous of LTD, Golden Hope Food &Beverages Sdn Bhd, advance in all many 300 enterprises, dimensions amounts to 10000 much M2, professional audience amounts to 50 thousand person-time.
Audience organization:
1. Broadcast with Guangdong TV station, Shenzhen TV station, Guangzhou the report of media whole journey such as big bulletin of evening paper of wall of daily of broadcasting station, Guangzhou, sheep, southern Metropolis Daily, Hong Kong and bus advertisement, large and outdoors advertisement puts in, will attract major of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan the audience looks around before 100 thousand person purchase.
2. Your kind effort of abroad exhibition company supports, invite brief overseas visiting team, the travelling merchant that is area of France, Germany, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, United States, Canada and Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan mainly.
3. Professional exhibition engineers origanization construction to undertake, build reveal goodly trade platform, adopt the short message platform of “50120” , have powerful agency database to participate in interactive, person specially assigned for a task is in charge of visitting business to release mobile phone short message and email to relevant target regularly.
4.It is good the organization to undertake the island of Le Fu of much, home, 10 thousand beautiful, 100 beautiful, grand city, auspicious, Yi Chulian flower, Xin Yijia, big oil of grain of grand of 10 thousand guests, Guangzhou grain of treasure of luck of terminal market, Guangzhou is oily food.
5. Professional media publicizes: Machinery of food of association of food of health of network of service of division of nutrition of network of organic product of web of organic food of food medicine net, food industry net, grocer Wu net, China, China, China, Taiwan, China.
Ginseng extend a requirement:
Have " industrial and commercial business charter " relevant industry business.
Ginseng exhibit content:
◆ nourishment:
Nutriment: Monomer and the premix such as protein, adipose, carbohydrate, mineral, water and vitamin.
Nutrient replenishers: The vitamin is mineral replenishers, herbal / plant kind replenishers, athlete nutrition replenishers, prandial substitute.
Nutrient aggrandizement food: Food of recreational food, athletic nutrition food, health food, algal food, medullary food, food reducing weight, fiber food, medicinal food food, vitamin food, hairdressing food, beneficial wisdom food, low grease food, green food, black, .
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