CINHOE 2008 nourishment of the 4th international. Healthy food and organic produ

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Rich nutrition food: Bean products, dairy produce, wheaten goods, egg kind goods, flesh kind product of goods, sea.
Function (health care) food: Amino acid, enrich the blood the sanitarian product such as product of fiber of agent, fatty acid, edible, DHA/EPA and nourishing, adjust kind of OTC blame prescription beverage of tea of wine of medicines and chemical reagents, health care, health care, health care.
Natural product: Pollen product, bee product, ginseng product, fish oil product, enzymatic change product, green alga product, plumule product, chlorophyll product, aloe product, plant to extract content product, fungus product to wait.
Medical treatment nutrition is special food (the special type food such as clinical, women and children) , skin nutrition product and nutrient health product extract content.
Athletic nourishment: Nutriment complement is tasted, specific effect nourishment.
◆ organic product and green food: Food of products of food of additive agent for food of vegetables of food of green health food and raw material, function, fresh fruit, green, organic tea, tailor-made food, aggrandizement, careful food, ripe meat, refrigerant food, bean products, dehydrate, organic flesh kind, food grains other than wheat and rice of milk products, food crops, nut, fruit is dry; Drink of drink of tea of fruit of camellia of grandma of grandma of milk, plant, cereal ancient stemmed cup or bowl, vegetable juice, fruit juice, mineral water, a book on Chinese medicine, refining, herb, legume, carbonic acid kind drink; Liquor beer, wine, bishop, bubbly; Beverage of sex of drink of green tea, scented tea, black tea, oolong, coffee, cocoa, function; Ecological food, maigre, organic noodle, buckwheat flour; Medicines and chemical reagents of traditional Chinese traditional medicine and Chinese herbal medicine, biology.
◆ nutrition processing technique reachs special device: Vitaminic reach health protection of function of nourishment of dietary complement, mineral, product reducing weight, motion, antiseptic, sex to taste, equipment of machinery of beverage of acetanilide, nutrition, cold storage, container and the material that pack, examine detect analytic instrument equipment.
◆ raw material reachs burden: Not oil of fiber of vitamin, mineral, edible, protein, amino acid, elite, enzymatic, salt, elementary polysaccharide, lactobacillus, alkaline, saturated fatty acid, yeast, algal, phosphatide, fungus, plant collects product of content, antibiotic, herb and organic raw material, cheese.
◆ nutrition education, seek advice, service: Nutrient research organization; Detect, inspection agency; Advisory orgnaization, attestation orgnaization, education grooms orgnaization, publicize data of phonic resembling, books; Healthy insurance device, industry casts financing orgnaization.
Ginseng exhibit expense:
◆ A area (standard) exhibit: RMB 6800 yuan / (3×3 M2) ◆ C area (standard) exhibit: RMB 3000 yuan / (3×1 M2)
◆ B area (standard) exhibit: RMB 5800 yuan / (3×3 M2) ◆ abroad enterprise: 200 dollars / M2
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