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◆ attention: The standard is exhibited corner position (double mouth is exhibited) add receive 500 yuan of RMBs
International standard exhibits a 3×3 M2=9m2 (configuration standard: Lintel board, one piece negotiates desk, 2 chairs, electrical outlet of 220V power source, two light are in charge of, 3 are exhibited board, every are exhibited board high 2.5m. )
Spot other advertisement:
◆ cover: 20000 yuan of RMBs (130×210mm) advertisement of ◆ rainbow door: 6000 yuan of RMBs / (18m span)
◆ back cover: 18000 yuan of RMBs (130×210mm) ◆ seminar: 6000 yuan of RMBs / when (200 people assembly room)
The page inside ◆ color: 4000 yuan of RMBs (130×210mm) ◆ ginseng exhibits advertisement of card, visiting card: 10000 yuan of RMBs
◆ is black and white inside page: 2000 yuan of RMBs (130×210mm) outside ◆ house advertisement of paint of top class spray: 180 yuan of RMBs / M2
Extend meeting date arrangement:
Cloth extends time: On March 18, 2008 (9:00 - 17:00)
Show time: On March 19, 2008 - 21 days (9:00 - 17:00)
Remove extend time: On March 21, 2008 (14:00)
Ginseng extend a program: Application enterprise receives invitation letter to fill in ginseng exhibit application form to build official seal is faxed or mail to the organizing committee
Organizing committee fax is exhibited allocate advice note to be opposite to application industry organizing committee beforehand applicant qualification examine and verify is preliminary and affirmatory exhibit
Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to work in a few days in 5 remittance, mix remittance bottom sheet allocate advice note to be faxed along with all the others beforehand to organizing committee for future reference
OK hold exhibit a confirmation spot to report for duty the paragraph exhibits the data such as a confirmation bill to express delivery of the organizing committee after account
Attention: Current exhibition date of expiration signing up is on March 8, 2008
Organizing committee secretariat: 100 million sail of Guangzhou city show service limited company
Address: Edifice of silver-colored swallow of date of 25-27 of road of mountain of Guangzhou city swallow 2406 rooms (510507)
Phone: 020-61371549 61089329
Fax: 020-61089459 61089469
E-mail: Qunxingzheng@21cn.com
Contact: Zheng Qunxing 13710886507

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