Nuclear report valve develops a tendency

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1. Group of nuclear electric machinery develops way

According to data analysis, in the construction of nuclear power plant, the development direction of unit capacity, abroad is main to 1.3 million, 1.4 million reach development of direction of 1.5 million kilowatt. Home is main to 800 thousand, 900 thousand reach development of 1 million direction. Nuclear phone equipment will to large change, tall parameter, high-powered way develops.

2. Nuclear report valve develops way
As the development of nuclear industry, facility of nuclear power plant is large change, tall parameter, high-powered the demand that reachs dependability, security is higher and higher. This also can get used to trend of this kind of development with respect to valve of requirement nucleus report.

The specific type that nuclear report develops with a powerful person, parameter is as follows:
⑴ does not have the brake a powerful person that filling cases:
A powerful person of brake of drive of A hydraulic pressure. Water of pressure of oneself of have the aid of of this a powerful person drives piston open or shut, nominal of this a powerful person opens way: DN350, 400mm; Actuating pressure: PN17.5MPa; Working temperature: 315 ℃
A powerful person of B whole sealing dynamoelectric brake. This a powerful person should use tailor-made screen to shut type electric machinery, the orgnaization of adept star decelerate that carries soggy work makes flashboard is made open close campaign. Nominal of this a powerful person opens way: DN100~800mm; Actuating pressure: PN2.5~45.0MPa; Working temperature: 200~500 ℃ .
(note: Afore-mentioned two kinds do not have advantage of a powerful person of filling case brake: Sealed without filling, the leakage outside avoiding is nodded, in the meantime, reduce specific power consumption. Defect: Structure complex, cost is higher. )
⑵ shut-off valve:
With the shut-off valve on auxiliary pipeline.
This a powerful person is 3 kinds of structures normally, namely packing type shut-off valve, moire shut-off valve tubal form and shut-off valve of metallic diaphragm type. Medium of this a powerful person is medium parameter (in lukewarm, middling pressure) water and vapour; Nominal opens way: DN10~150mm.
⑶ butterfly a powerful person:
The butterfly a powerful person in the system that is used at air medium is being carried inside cooling system and safe mec housing. This a powerful person is 3 kinds of structures normally, namely coaxial connects type line glue continuously metal of butterfly a powerful person, prejudicial type is sealed butterfly a powerful person and double use formula (butterfly board before circumgyrate first farewell of come away sealing surface turns) the metal is sealed butterfly a powerful person. Nominal of this a powerful person opens way: DN ≤ 2500mm; Actuating pressure: PN < 4.0MPa; Working temperature: 100~150 ℃ . In addition, those who be used in air channel system is fast close butterfly valve, its nominal opens way: DN400~1200mm also labels the direction of development.
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