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The oscillatory breakdown analysis that passes pair of large deep well pump and possibility arise all sorts of oscillatory accounts, put forward to have the method of simple and easy judgement to electromotor and pump in the spot.

Pan Gang is built in Jin Shajiang upper reaches one large deep well pump stands, pumping station by 18m of 2 internal diameter, the deep well of deep 31m and upside workshop are formed. Jin Shajiang water enters person deep well via 4 Dg1200 conduit, deep well upside is in sectional for the ferroconcrete frame of 1450mm × 410mm Liang Shangan has 30JD-19x3 model prevent arenaceous deep well pump 20. We are reached in the installation with long course in maintaining overhaul course, oscillatory to its reason made a few exploration.
One, model of parameter of concerned specifications of deep well pump: 30JD-19x3, 3 class leaf measures by turns: 1450m3/h transmission shaft is long: 24.94m, in all diameter of 9 axes pump shaft: Material of 0 80mm pump shaft is qualitative: 40Cr rotate speed: 985r/min thrust made of baked clay oil is lukewarm: 50 ℃ of < are cooling and hydraulic force: Internal diameter of 0.8MPa lifting pipe: 500mm lift: 80m balata bearing is lubricant medium: The stand-alone when clear water does not contain electric machinery is heavy: Rated power of JKL15-6 of model of 14t vertical electric machinery: 500kW rated voltage: 6000V rated electric current: Moment of inertia of rotor of 60A electric machinery: Electric machinery of 58kg · M2 is heavy: 4t electric machinery and pump housing are perpendicular allow amplitude to be worth with horizontal way: < 0.l0mm
This deep well pump asks quantity of water quality sandiness is not more than 0.1 % , granuality is not more than 0.2mm, and the impeller of the first class of water pump should dip person moves water level Lm the following. Be in at present 7, deep well pump is draw-out during the flood in August quantity of sandiness of Jin Shajiang water is highest already was close to 20 % .
2, the judgement of oscillatory breakdown produces vibration in pump and electric machinery movement, be in conditional when, should disconnect above all both the shaft coupling between, analysing Zhen Yuan is to come from at pump or electric machinery, and the join of base of microscope vertical electric machinery and pump secures bolt to whether screw, the level after installation is spent whether out of tolerance.
1. Source of electric machinery vibration reachs differentiate
(Whether is rotate speed of 1) rotor job close to critical rotate speed. Can pass axis of computational electric machinery turn round stiffness and electric machinery to twist Zhen Pin rate to whether be the same as electric machinery frequency of horn of critical rotate speed, pump and mains frequency are close to generation resonance. The electric machinery that uses for the first time especially, when producing oscillatory breakdown, want to undertake analytic computation. The working rotate speed of electric machinery rotor should at least under critical rotate speed 25 % or prep above are critical 40 % control rotate speed. The quality that considers electric machinery rotor even when the analysis cannot simplify to center quality circumstance, distributing along runner shaft however, analyse of the part of one's job when analysing critical rotate speed consequently arrives 2 rank and 3 rank wait for main and critical rotate speed.
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