Jinan machine tool of Dong Boguo border of the 10th Shanghai exhibits Dong Xingl

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Machine tool of the 10th Dong Boguo border exhibits dimensions to break through 80, 000M2, ginseng exhibit an enterprise to exceed 1200, professional audience evens more 100, 000 people. Exhibit business to explode canopy, exhibit be critical, sign up hot, business chance is infinite, already became current exhibit of the meeting thematic.
As a major model the manufacturer home of granitic measure and mechanical component Jinan Dong Xing is accurate the limited company that measure appearance also carries a company advocate make lathe bed of product machine tool, the product such as colophony concrete is exhibited in Dong Bo go up to exhibit scene, in order to show oneself actual strength.

The client is in exhibit before advisory product information

Exhibit before visit advisory personnel in an endless stream

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