Yu Chaizhu builds central construction to carry program

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On July 3, yu Chaizhu builds central project to design communication evaluation to be able to be held. Liu Zifu of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor attends the meeting.
As we have learned, yu Chaizhu builds a center to always invest 2.3 billion yuan, among them first phase project invests 960 million yuan. After first phase project builds entirely, add original cast productivity, yu Chaizhu builds a company to produce per year casting pig to will achieve 220 thousand tons, will become the Asia's biggest diesel engine grey cast to produce base, annual produce amounts to 2.2 billion yuan, annual value added tax amounts to 92.18 million yuan, annual gains tax rate amounts to 44.11 million yuan.
Evaluation is met on, graph of the airscape that design personnel introduced to cast central project to design, overall planning, overall plane figure, craft is divided piece, road network, to catchment, for distribution, the circumstance such as mark report. City hair changes appoint, the sectional chief such as land, program, power supply, environmental protection and concerned expert undertook evaluating to the project, offerred opinion and proposal.
Liu Zifu asks, yu Chaizhu builds central project to invest content of big, technology tall, economic benefits is good. Various and departmental door wants hammer and tongs, strong thrust builds a center to build a course into Yu Chaizhu. City should make good service about the branch continuously, garden of jade bavin industry should have made round-the-clock service. Want to fulfil responsibility, each doing his own job, in a limited time do a form, termless implementation is departmental the goal that the door serves Yu Chaizhu to build a center to build, make Yu Chaizhu builds central early be born, early put into production, slink unripe economic benefits.

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