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A few days ago, the factory of male lion carved stone that the author presses down before lane sees, the worker is lading toward the car product of stone carving carved stone, these products will sell past world each district. As we have learned, the container transport car that this county leaves for the haven such as the Qingdao, sunshine, harbor that connect the cloud everyday has many 100. This county relies on coastal waters to face harbor superiority, international market of active butt joint, rose abruptly quickly abrasive is ground, earthnut, Chinese chestnut, flesh kind goods, careless willow invents the 8 big industries such as carved stone of handicraft, stone carving.
This county produces the advantage that face harbor adequately, build " large foreign trade " pattern. Current, entire county already had 268 enterprises to obtain self-supporting imports and exports to counterpoise, more than 10 foreign trader that attracted country and the area such as Korea, Singapore comes here to invest. This county still relies on solid agricultural base, be in farming the make an issue of on by-product deep treatment, implantation exit is achieved assemble a company. The information that this county feedbacks according to haven and foreign trader, undertake actorring or actress is chosen actorring or actress to exporting goods, grind abrasive, earthnut, Chinese chestnut, flesh kind goods, careless willow makes up product of 12 kinds of 8 industries such as carved stone of handicraft, stone carving, exit to serve as key industry to undertake giving aid to, the country such as popular France, Italy mixes handicraft of carved stone of produces earthnut product, stone carving area, become the person of congener product above average on Euramerican market.

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