Human nature changes a service to aid Dong Bo to exhibit achieve a machine tool

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If oversight human nature changes a service, go up again of dimensions exhibit internationally also can not conceal be short of regret tremendously.
On July 9, 12 days, machine tool of international of the 10th Shanghai is exhibited in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center kicks off grandly, and the Chongzhongzhi that human nature changes a service to postpone meeting job just about is heavy.
Official website opens green channel
According to organizing committee introduction, machine tool of current Shanghai international is exhibited in Dong Bo net (exhibit meeting government website) on debut to register audience passageway beforehand, make the audience gets visiting manual ahead of schedule, obtain ahead of schedule enter so that pectoral card saves the time that queues up to register.
Of the website " service center " special offer include to exhibit house liaison man, visa application, the hotel is booked, travel information the service that waits inside. The swift passage of common FAQ column gives unfamiliar the audience provided meticulous information.
Exhibit business to buy the home to measure the material with custom-built body to be reflected somewhat on website English edition in the light of abroad audience. The abroad of be apart a thousand li postpones business and day, han, the guild of southeast Asia and other places can synchronous get exhibiting can newest progress and information.
In addition, invitation letter of online application electron is great reduced communication cost. Before, the foreign trader applies for visa to need to send express delivery with invitation letter, take time expends cost. Want to file electronic invitation letter only now, the problem can be solved.
Exhibit meeting site complete and how-to system
Because Shanghai new international reads extensively,central position is not in downtown, look around for convenient audience, the organizing committee is in exhibit in Long Yang road subway stands during the meeting with exhibit a house to open free regular bus, the audience leave out that can make arrive suddenly first looks for the suffering of the road.
Exhibit the set that can value demonstrative system very much, exhibit area, media division, activity area and establishment of form a complete set to will receive comprehensive instruction individually. For instance, shanghai new international reads extensively two hall set central north and south watch of conference come or flow together, all forum place needs assembly room to all set demonstrative card, convenient audience is searched. Every audience, exhibit business and media reporter to be able to go to the lavatory to find destination in time.
In addition, exhibit during the meeting, all exhibiting the house deploys the spot to seek advice from information desk. Spot of organizing committee ad hoc directs a center, keep in touch at any time with all staff members, so that solve the spot effectively,break out a problem.
Guideline of proceedings of a conferences gathers together economic news
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