Chengdu is made - solder cuts an industry most the brand of massiness

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There is heaven on, there is Su Hang below. From of old, the Eden that Suzhou, Hangzhou is regarded to live by people. Can not forget, had turned over Ba Shan, go against the river crosses Sichuan water, be in group of hill encircle are medium, still have a beautiful and abundant the land of plenty, unripe because of water, because of bright and beautiful and fill, flourishing and time excessive colour, open, characteristic bright, glamour 4 shoot, " the city that will do not think " -- city of official of Chengdu bright and beautiful.
From of old, chengdu has too much story, too much scenic spot, too much talented person, be eulogized by the history, by engrave of through the ages, by modern angle.
Today, modern culture coils in the length of Chengdu history again compose new page, account those who transform a town is life of modern fight the nature, change, new brilliant. Grow in this one history coil, chengdu solder cut equipment industry to also keep heavy colour thick handwriting or painting.
Of the history accidental, let Chengdu and solder the reason that the knot left to indissoluble. From now on, it is promoting Chengdu, changing an industry. Up to now, the important role that Chengdu still is acting Chinese solder to cut equipment industry -- research and development of information center, quality center, product and production are significant base.
Of the history accumulate, of the technology thick indigestion, of the talent abundant, incontestable " Chengdu is made " the road of the brand that introduced to Chinese solder to cut equipment industry. For this, turn over solder to cut outfit please " Chengdu is made " annals, you can are " Chengdu is made " applaud, can choose " Chengdu is made " solder cuts outfit, can be benefited from which more.
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Chengdu is made -- Chinese solder cuts equipment industry most the brand of massiness
One, Chengdu -- culture massiness, the historical culture famous city of spirit of ground of an outstanding personality
Billow the Yangtse River east die water, spoondrift cleans out a hero... simple and honest of dignified " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " thematic song, bring back people in the memory of dispute of the 1500 many the Kingdom of Wei year ago, Sichuan, Wu Sanguo, bring back because of Zhuge Kongming famed Sichuan country to the prefecture where the provincial capital is located -- in famous city Chengdu.
Having the Chengdu of history of 2200 old massiness, line of business of Ceng Yin brocade is thriving, get a name " bright and beautiful city " ; When the Sichuan after the Five Dynasties, lotus of Ceng Yin full city, time excessive colour, obtain again " Chengdu city " beautiful name. In historical endless flow, samite and numerous flower braid this city and cluster round brightly beautiful according to the person, the name falls all over the sky.
Regard a history as the famous city, we have rich culture legacy and numerous famous places and historical sites, ancestral temple of the Hou that be like fierce, Du Fu careless hall, always the hill museum, Jin Sha relics that hopes courtyard of river building, green Yang Gong, Wen Shu, clear becomes aware temple and new development go, SamSung piles museum, old plain Xi Wenming, numerous cultural relic is accumulated, made the historical painted corridor with a many colorful appearance.
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