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New and high area innovates to develop independently " puissant engine " in Shandong province provincial developing zone developed a condition 2007 in comprehensive assessment, index of new and high technology gets new and high area developing zone of minute of house Shandong province the 2nd, western developing zone 1 .
Up to now, new and high district of city of Lai overgrown with weeds fosters development provincial above is new and high technical company 23, 44 what hold whole town. 2 % , class of its China home is new and high technical company 2; This year 1 - May, whole area realizes production value of property of new and high technology 17. 700 million yuan, grow 62 % compared to the same period, occupy the 59 % of production value of industry of above of whole area dimensions, than going up year end rises 6. 7 percent; In saving provincial developing zone to developed a state to be evaluated integratedly 2007 completely, new and high area is new and high technical index must live apart complete province developing zone the 2nd, western developing zone 1 . New and high area holds to a development new and high technology, promotion innovates independently ability regards implementation as region economy good of rapid development important prop up and breach, firmly holds new and high technology this commanding elevation, achieved new breakthrough.
Increase innovation platform to build strength. This area is a foundation with having industrial garden area, established working orgnaization, provided a working personnel, build perfect " into be stationed in business management method " wait for regulations system, introduced outstanding dispatch electron, be filled with China the project of 6 new and high technologies such as communication is entered be stationed in hatch, still 10 projects are negotiating actively. On this foundation, made poineering service center of new and high technology plan program, force contention 5 years of time, cent period builds gross area 180 thousand those who make the same score rice is tall start a center, strive to build national level to do poineering work service center. Current, garden of skill of as old as Shandong already course is in this area cent of overgrown with weeds of Lai of construction of new and high area reachs cooperative agreement field, with hill big industry group built innovation of college science and technology and base of hatch of achievement of science and technology to reach cooperative intent. Two projects such as the solar energy street lamp of institute of technology of profession of overgrown with weeds already decided Lai to be stationed in hatch.
Increase give aid to guide strength. Since this year, new and high area will take out special fund every year, to be in the company of new and high technology with the high-tech project of hatch, growing big potential is mixed the science and technology that needs area level form a complete set tackles key problem the project undertakes giving aid to mainly. In the meantime, guided many 20 scientific research school such as the enterprise inside the area and Shandong university actively to build close cooperation to concern, preliminary formed give priority to body with the enterprise, produce the technical innovation system that learns to grind to be united in wedlock cheek by jowl.
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