Machining of saddle hill hydraulic pressure makes a project see effect gradually

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On July 20, mulberry of area of concentration of pluvial hill industry is special inside workshop of finished product of limited company of fluid control science and technology, worker master workers are being assembled just the new breed that research and development comes out -- , special high pressure decides large project machine product of pump of variable force plunger, of this product first 16 had sent past Shandong. High pressure decides the successful development of product of pump of variable force plunger and production, not only fill the blank that I save product of hydraulic pressure industry, and make rain a new window in production project of machining of a mountainous area hydraulic pressure.

As we have learned, this project involves this area Ge Ruide of limited company of science and technology of control of mulberry spy fluid, Anhui is mechanical hydraulic press instrument makes He Bowei of production company of machinery of peaceful project of production limited company, Shanghai 6 enterprises such as finite liability company, up to now, they already developed development to give product of 30 many hydraulic pressure, can increase production value this year 1 billion yuan.

In mulberry spy fluid limited company of control science and technology produces a workshop, company controller tells a reporter, decide the product of hydraulic pressure series such as pump of variable force plunger to develop maximum pressure, they already invested capital of many yuan of 400 research and development, and already batch production, predict year of output to be able to achieve 50 million yuan.

Machinery of heart of Anhui case luck creates limited company is the production company of excavating machinery of hydraulic pressure of a professional production, workshop chief says, they are carried out in production project of hydraulic pressure machining in, workshop of this company new extend reachs the auxiliary area that use a room 14 thousand square metre, total investment is 150 million yuan, introduce German technology, own development developed fork-lift truck of series grab, slippage and hydraulic pressure hammer to wait have international the product of high-tech new generation of top-ranking character and skill.

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