Big tonnage press is aided promote development of the estate that build contente

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Division amount to Electromechanical to roll out the 1st from 1999 homebred since press of 3200 tons of big tonnage, lead home the development way of technology of big tonnage press all the time, roll out in succession from 3200 tons, 3800 tons, 4200 tons, 4800 tons, 5800 tons, 6800 tons go up to eye preexistence bound press of 7800 tons of of the biggest tonnage big tonnage, made huge contribution for the development of technology of press of our country big tonnage. The application of press of homebred big tonnage is aided pushed China to build contented to rise abruptly quickly, flying myth.

Go up century 90 time end, develop the development bottleneck of press of big tonnage of be enslaved to be enslaved to to break through China to build contented, division amount to Electromechanical decision-making layer decides to develop country is the biggest at that time 3200 tons of tonnage full automatic machine of brick of hydraulic pressure pressing. This press developed a success 1999, passed appraisal of national level new product, ended to silver coin in domain of press of big tonnage pottery and porcelain press alone the current situation of pace market, led pottery and porcelain of domestic big tonnage to press bricky machine technology to develop quickly, the serves as the industry that build contented namely in those days exclusive delegate that this equipment rolls out attended what hold in Beijing to found a state 50 years to accomplish exhibit. KD3200 press is on the product line that Nuo of god of 3 water Europe builds business of brand of famous pottery and porcelain in those days pass a test smoothly, the line is used on up to now already time of 10 years, run normally on product line all the time, it is age of press of homebred big tonnage press of the longest, use farthest. Of press of KD3200 big tonnage roll out not only fill the blank of press of homebred big tonnage, and the modern process that promoted homebred equipment greatly, the development that builds contented industry for our country removed huge to promote action.

From 1999 press of the 1st big tonnage is rolled out up to now, division amounted to Electromechanical accumulative total to carry big tonnage press to the market 886, among them the amount is maximum is KD3800 press, stand-alone breed implementation sells 372, 41.9% what occupy gross of big tonnage press, solid put in the ground 's charge to accomplish big tonnage to the name " the king of press " position. [

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