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In 2008, the South snow and ice disaster relief in the earthquake, with a "SANY", "ZOOMLION" signs of construction machinery in rescue and first line of endeavor. In the past 10 years to -15 years, in Hunan, the emergence of Sany Heavy Industry (SANY), Zoomlion (ZOOMLION), Sunward and a number of excellent field of construction machinery enterprises. The three listed companies in total market capitalization of over 2,000 billion yuan, sales income in 2009 over 70 billion yuan, is expected to reach 100 billion yuan this year. Changsha City in Hunan Province and share in the industry, three companies are a considerable volume of.
Vice Mayor of Changsha He Jihua told reporters: "construction machinery industry cluster in Changsha, Hunan's rise, on the one hand let us rejoice, but we believe that 'look back at the analysis stage, and'---- summary of the more necessary . We have three key factors that made this construction machinery industry cluster, one good entrepreneurial team, the second is to have clear development strategies and ideas, Third and most crucial is the need for core technology support of the independent intellectual property rights. "
Continue to make breakthroughs on the three companies themselves, adhere to independent innovation and have heard a lot of the story, the reporter has to "intellectual property" subject to the three firms to interview, deeply felt, perhaps the spirit of innovation is their soul, and truly implement " market "," value "," management "when the competitiveness of enterprises in real terms, the three great many of the company's intellectual property rights embodied in the framework of the highlights.
Zoomlion Chief Engineer Xu Wu all still on their acquisition of the Italian CIFA company obsessed with the other side of saying ----" no intellectual property rights, there is no innovation. "
Intellectual property started - 3 patents in the first year of 7.8 million yuan income
Sunward Qing-hua, chairman of the 80s of last century to 90 years to teach in Central South University, led the South in the school during the Qing-hua University, Institute of Electrical Engineering & post-doctoral, doctoral, masters of the research team developed a hydraulic static pile driver and obtained three patents. To promote their research into practical productive forces, He Qinghua out of the ivory tower, incorporated in 1999, the company, and technology in the form of shares obtained from the Central South University of Hydraulic Static Pile Driver 3 exclusive patent licensing, in Founded in the year to achieve a patented product sales of 7.8 million yuan.
Today, Sunward products cover a large pile of machinery, small construction machinery, medium and large mining machinery, modern drilling equipment, industrial vehicles, coal mining equipment, hydraulic components and a dozen fields, more than 160 model specifications, is the largest The pile driving machinery production base. Stable position of domestic brands products, batch sold more than 50 countries and regions.
According to intellectual property professionals Sunward dry Wu Wenwei introduction, because intellectual property is started, so the company has always attached great importance to IPR work and the number of applications and the application of intellectual property into the various types of research projects of the acceptance test criteria, while the intellectual property system for the industrial transformation, innovation and market development to provide legal protection for innovation from the laboratory to the market clears the way for the docking. At the same time, they will implement the outcome of the effectiveness of intellectual property rights of intellectual property asset quality as the standard test used to assess market reaction to corporate intellectual property and innovation activity. Currently, the annual Sunward rate of implementation of intellectual property rights of not less than 80%, sales of products with independent intellectual property rights of more than 80% of total sales.
Zoomlion has intellectual property rights "long history", but Xu Wu Full frankly stated that they are "also made a detour." As early as 1985, the "Patent Law" was implemented that year, their first patent application for a "vibrator eccentric torque adjustment mechanism," but everyone is still relatively superficial understanding of the patent, not the children of intellectual property rights seriously, so that the the 90's, drawing a serious drain on corporate, business losses to Zoomlion an alert so that they have a new understanding of intellectual property. Up to now, the cumulative Zoomlion 698 patents, 66 patents, international patent applications (including CIFA) 102 items.
Seek intellectual property strategy - come prepared
April 2010, the 29th German international engineering machinery, mining machinery, building materials, machinery, industrial vehicles and Parts Expo (that is, Bauma 2010), Sany Heavy Industry's exhibition spaces received a lawyer's letter, pointed out that the Sany Heavy Industry The showcase of products in intellectual property disputes that may exist, Sany Heavy Industry to find each other calmly, after communication between the two sides, the other quickly recovered letter. Liu Yonghong, executive vice president of Sany Heavy Industry Research Institute, said: "In the international exhibition, a lot about intellectual property lawyer's letter in case there is no conclusive evidence to throw the Chinese companies, some Chinese companies know what to do, in fact, these Chinese enterprises have intellectual property issues may not only unprepared for the intellectual property. We are not worried Sany received this letter even, because we have come prepared. "
According to Liu Yonghong introduction, Sany before each overseas exhibitors, the relevant sub-Institute for Intellectual Property and the company will sign "guarantee" to ensure that intellectual property does not exist. In Sany Heavy Industry, has a strict, standardized guidelines for intellectual property management structure and behavior. Under this system, the influence of company proprietary information, in-depth case studies, development of response plans in advance, the company issued a warning decision-making, early detection of possible precursors of patent disputes, and as much as possible to the foreseeable tort dispute nipped in the bud, preventing the company occurred during the commercial operation of the patent dispute.
Sany Heavy Industry inception patent protection will be as important as innovation and R & D position, proprietary technology and core products as an integral part of competition. Sany Liu Yonghong explained to reporters in 2005, 1234 ----" intellectual property strategy developed Intellectual Property Strategy ":" 1 "is a positioning ---- build business strategy, R & D strategy and intellectual property strategy of the Trinity strategic system; "2" are two core ---- the protection and development; "3" is three goals ----" improve the management system and improve the quality and quantity of intellectual property rights, make full use of patent information, to avoid risks, promote technological innovation, to combat infringement, "the short-term goals," to expand intellectual property rights of the business, the contribution of product development process to enhance brand value, to ensure the free operation of the product, "the medium-term objectives," intellectual property rights of the company's profit from operations one of the "long-term goal;" 4 "strategy --- the four basic patent policy, external patent strategy, patent strategy across the barriers, information utilization strategies. SANY IP management platform through the Group R & D, marketing, business, services, intellectual property rights management and other departments use the system to ensure the implementation of patent strategy.

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