Machinery replacement pump should pay attention to the issue eleven

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And pay attention to the discovery of anomalies: abnormal noise, vibration or abnormal signal monitoring system and so on, must have his reasons, a finding that unusual phenomenon, instantly sent for circuit diagram, what you want, careful observation of abnormal phenomena caused by the error for the moment. Assess the need to not stop treatment. Jufan pressure, load, temperature, time, start, stop when they contain the reasons for possible anomalies. Discussion shall be itemized analysis usual. Do not start immediately after the pump added to the load: after starting the pump to be implemented for some time idling with no load (about 10 minutes to 30 minutes), especially very low temperatures, the process is more subject to temperature and cars, the normal re-circulating the hydraulic circuit add to the load, and confirm the operation status. Observe the oil change: pay attention to check the maximum and minimum oil temperature changes in the situation and identify oil and the relationship between environmental temperature, so that it can know the cooler capacity, whether the storage tank capacity ambient conditions, conditions of use complement each other on the cooling system Troubleshooting is also only a trace. Note that the hydraulic pump noise: the initial wear the new pump less vulnerable to the impact of air bubbles and dust, high temperature conditions of poor lubrication or use of such overload, will lead to adverse consequences, the issue is not the normal of the hydraulic pump. Note Check the meter display class values: observed at any time the value of the hydraulic circuit pressure gauge shows the pressure switch signals such as vibration and stability of the situation, the role of early detection of hydraulic circuit is normal. To observe the mechanical action situation (for the modified pump): poorly designed hydraulic circuit or component manufacturing bad, in the initial stage is not easy to find used, so special attention should be used in a variety of conditions, as demonstrated in the action state. Note that the adjustment of the valve: Chongfen of pressure control valves, flow control valves and directional control valve used to adjust the scope and limits on pay particular attention to, or adjust the error Bujin damage and mechanical, but also the security threat. Check the status of the filter: the loop filter should be regularly clean out and check the status of the filter and on-line by the adsorption of dirt, of quality, quantity and size of the loop can be observed that the degree of pollution, and even infer where the sources of pollution. Check the hydraulic oil change on a regular basis: every other month or checking of hydraulic oil deterioration, discoloration and changes in pollution levels to ensure the normal hydraulic transmission medium. Note that some leakage of piping: piping hydraulics not good at running for some time to see whether the leak prosecution, pipe is loose. Within three months of operation of the new machine operating conditions should be noted: in the new machine during operation, should grasp the operation status check, for example, maintenance parts, screws are loose, there were abnormally increased in oil, hydraulic oil is quickly deterioration, check the compliance of such use.

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