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Recently, the Guangzhou Academy of Sciences and the brother unit machinery - China National Heavy Machinery Research Institute (referred to as the China National Heavy Duty House) to achieve internal coordination sub-protocol, completed by the China National Heavy Duty Hydraulic Institute is responsible to undertake a limited liability company in Guangzhou JFE Steel Secretary of hydraulic heavy volume packaging equipment manufacturing unit, the contract amount of about 5.5 million, is expected in January 2010 delivery. This project was strongly supported China's heavy-duty hospital, Guangzhou Academy of Sciences and China National Heavy Machinery positive response from members of the Group of Hospitals share resources, give priority to supporting the policy, the first time to work together on large projects. Guangzhou JFE Steel Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Iron and Steel Enterprises Group Co., Ltd. and Japan's JFE Steel Co., Ltd. 50% contributed by each joint venture company will build 1.8 million tons rolling mill (the maximum width 1880mm), 90 万吨 Continuous Annealing Line and 40 tons of zinc unit, three main production lines, and re-roll packaging machine and other auxiliary production lines. China National Heavy Duty Hospital as a domestic metallurgical industry's top equipment suppliers and project general contractor, with strong Great technical strength and industry reputation, the total package of paper packaging machine production line, where heavy volume, the two sets of packaging units. Hydraulically into the metallurgical market from 2004 has been steady growth in sales. The hospital and heavy machine cooperation, will help lay the Guangzhou Academy of metallurgical machinery equipment supplier role.

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