Fluid drive technology develops trends

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The technology innovates to enhancing the competition ability of science and technology of country, place and enterprise, implementation can develop the sense with be had very important continuously. At the beginning of time of 2O century 8O, our country begins to take the research of problem of technical innovation theory seriously, study limits includes the mode that the technology innovates, mechanism, the technology innovates diffuse, industrial innovation and technical innovation economics, all many sided such as the area research that the technology innovates and the policy that innovate about the technology, system. Through the research with old 2O, people has noticed innovation is producing the crucial effect since each field place, regard the center of enterprise, industry and national competition triumph as link innovation.

Develop as what used technology of computation and electronic technology, technology, IT, automata and new technology, new data and apply, fluid drive technology also is innovating ceaselessly. Fluid drive technology already made construction machinery of industrial machinery, project and national defence the main technique with most advanced indispensable product. And its are changed to automation, high accuracy, efficient, high speed, quantify directional development high power, miniaturization, gently, it is to raise the key of ability of competition of it and electric transmission, mechanical drive ceaselessly. The article reachs system, hydraulic pressure from technology of software of control of technology of bus line of hydraulic pressure spot, automation, hydraulic component the development of technology of respect introduction fluid drive such as energy-saving technology is dynamic.

1, technology of bus line of hydraulic pressure spot

The definition of technology of bus line of spot of 1.1 hydraulic pressure

Spot bus line is the type of total number word that joins intelligence changes appearance and automation system, two-way transmit, the communication network of much branch structure. Spot bus line controls a system workstation of brief melt into and spot equipment two structures, it can be regarded is a distributed system that forms by equipment of digital news report and supervisory equipment, look from computer angle, spot bus line is platform of network of a kind of industry; Look from communication angle, the communication means that it is equipment of a kind of new-style total number word, serial, two-way, multichannel; Look from project angle, it is wiring of structuralization of a kind of factory. As the flying development of modern production technology, fluid control technology and the union that the electron dominates a technology are more and more close together, in hydraulic pressure domain more and more personages begin to use or technology of attention bus line applies mediumly in hydraulic pressure system, personnel of hydraulic pressure technology also more and more the advantage that experiences technology of view field bus line. Hydraulic pressure system is in hydraulic pressure bus line mix for oil path answer the installation between oil path to count a source of switch hydraulic pressure, its and respective control a powerful person, carry out implement photograph join. Source of switch hydraulic pressure includes a powerful person of switch of fluid feeling component, high speed, one-way a powerful person, fluid to contain element. Differ according to function of source of switch hydraulic pressure, it can combine litre of profiling or step-down adds source of hydraulic pressure of flow pattern switch. Because hang the input end of switch source on hydraulic pressure bus line directly, can try through means of high speed switch step up or step-down are added stream. This system overcame system of traditional hydraulic pressure to cannot realize step up and step-down to add drifting problem, final output and each are carried out implement the pressure that demand bearing gets used to and discharge.
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