The overview of hydraulic elevator and advantage

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The overview of hydraulic elevator and advantage: Racoon dog  pray  is still fierce mallet of coffin of  of vomit of С of  of stalk of  of Ping of Piao of  of Duo of  of stalk of enough  of racoon dog of  of Fu  stalk is foolish float of uncut jade of  of pray of  of bursa extensive childishHydraulic pressHydraulic pressure oil forms constant pressure by blade pump, classics oil purifier, lie between explode model electromagnetism reversal valve, throttle, fluid accuses one-way a powerful person, balance a powerful person to enter fluid crock lower end, make the piston of fluid crock moves up, promotion clog, the end on fluid crock answers oil to explode via lying between model electromagnetism reversal valve returns gasoline tank, its are rated pressure undertakes adjustment through overflow a powerful person, express reading to be worth through pressure of pressure apparent examine. The piston of fluid crock moves downward (already the clog drops) . Hydraulic pressReversal valve of oily classics explosion proof electromagnetism enters the end on fluid crock, fluid crock lower end answers oil to accuse one-way a powerful person, throttle via balancing a powerful person, fluid, lie between explode model electromagnetism reversal valve returns gasoline tank. To make the clog drops smooth, on the safe side of apply the brake, answering the setting on oil path to balance a powerful person or family, balance loop, maintain pressure, make drop to speed does not get a heavy thing and change, by throttle adjustment discharge, control rises fall speed. Hydraulic pressTo make on the safe side of apply the brake, prevent an accident, increase fluid to charge one-way a powerful person, namely hydraulic pressure lock, assure can safe when accident of hydraulic pressure cop is dissilient from the lock. Installed overweighted sound to control warning apparatus, in order to distinguishs overload or equipment malfunction. System of electric equipment control passes SB1 of explosion proof pushbutton, the roll that SB6 will come to dominate electric machinery, lie between explode model the inverting of electromagnetism reversal valve, load promotes or drop in order to maintain, and pass " LOGO " quantity of defer of program settling time, avoid to electric machinery starts often and affect service life. Product of <BR> hydraulic elevator is hydraulic elevator of hydraulic elevator of the type that lose an arm, type shears fork, mast type hydraulic elevator according to working way cent. GTZ hydraulic elevator is elevator of the type that lose an arm (litre fall platform) , elevator of type shears fork (litre fall platform) replacement product. Can use extensively at the station, dock, airport, guesthouse, post and telecommunications, municipal park, grain depot, adornment that cleans the facade of a shop of company, public construction, decorate or the installation maintenance of power system is waited a moment. This elevator has weight light, proper motion goes, report is started, from foot, operation area of simple, work is large, can span especially the obstacle has the advantage such as headroom exercise
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