Can make pump division report the method of 50% -- use frequency conversion pres

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Pump is one of important current equipment, in the enterprise power consumption is very big, basic armrest moves valve to adjust, because this the sources of energy is wasteful bigger. Branch of petrifaction Luoyang petrifaction passes pair of 2 class pressurization in pump of station production opportunity undertakes transforming, increase frequency control implement, pressure of automata of implementation closed circuit adjusts, achieved the goal that reduces specific power consumption considerably.
After using frequency conversion pressure to accuse timing to move oneself, pump shaft power is reduced considerably, but section report 50% . This system divides composition by 3, namely actuator, include pump, electric machinery, transducer; Detect part, include pressure adjuster to wait. It presses the water supply with force larger surplus to use for flow fluctuation and feed flow accuse timing oneself energy-saving design offerred a condition.

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