How to choose flow control valve. . .

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Flow control valve basically has throttle and timing a powerful person two kinds big.
When choosing, decide the norms of flow control valve according to the largest flow in hydraulic pressure system and pressure above all;
Ask to reach the characteristic of flow control valve according to the stability of laden motion speed next, define the kind of flow control valve;
The rated discharge that should assure to choose a powerful person again should be more than the largest actual flow in the job; The discharge that the least steady flow that makes choose a powerful person even should be less than system of pilot of place of this a powerful person to carry out place of speed of component lowest motion to decide is worth.
For example, strict to carrying dynamic stability asks or system of minim feed hydraulic pressure, should choose temperature to compensate type timing a powerful person;
Stable to implementing a requirement rate, and do not produce crawl, should choose common timing a powerful person. When choosing timing a powerful person, should note the least steady flow of timing a powerful person, the least steady flow that makes its are sure to be less than executive component place to need.

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