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1. cancels heart valve, coefficient of heart valve obstruction is bigger, can reduce lift commonly 1.5 meters or so. After cancelling heart valve, the efficiency of water pump can rise significantly. If be in,mount of nozzle giving water beats the door, reoccupy butter seals filling box, such, water need not be filled when after stopping pump, be being started again.
2. cancels brake a powerful person and go against stop a powerful person, brake a powerful person and go against stop coefficient of obstruction of a powerful person is bigger, the action of brake a powerful person is to adjust water is measured, but agricultural the water quantity of pump need not adjust, because this is OK leave out. Go against stop the action of a powerful person is to prevent water to flow backwards, had after beating the door, also do not need to go against stop a powerful person.
Inclined outfit of 3. general water pump (or turn to water pump spiral case) can make conduit of pass in and out is opposite continuously so cistern of pass in and out, in order to reduce bend.
4. reduces pipeline mesh loss to use O.8 millimeter steel wire to replace mesh, make cross water section to interstitial rate increases and reduce bad news report.
5. wirereinforced suction hose should have should flood deepness enoughly when deepness is insufficient, water can arise swim eddy, bring air water pump, reduce the efficiency of pump. Of dry season wirereinforced suction hose flood deepness to should be more than 0.5 meters.
6. avoids " ack-ack " the water that because give conduit prep above to give pool,type gives water way, lift loss is big, the water that nozzle pours out of can generate reflection wave on sidewall, increase the pressure of mouth giving water, the influence gives water.
Just become inverse ratio 5 times of the obstruction loss that 7. chooses economy to be in charge of diameter conduit and tubal diameter, conduit diameter is smaller, resistance is greater. The O.65-O.8 after the economy that gives conduit is in charge of diameter to be evolution of water pump discharge times, the 0.8-0.92 after the economy of wirereinforced suction hose is in charge of diameter to be discharge evolution times.
8. keeps clear of in time flow path jams if content has foreign matter to jam conduit of pass in and out, impeller or flow path of blower inlet casing, will make water quantity decreases.
9. raises belt-conveyor effect to string together the strict limit that notes leather belt and the drive by the side of the pine to include part, instead of will wide leather belt also does not want in using narrow leather belt, notice the degree of tightness of leather belt is spent.
10. exchanges buccal ring, adjust clearance of annulus of mouth of axial clearance impeller big, cubage efficiency drops. Because this wants space of annulus of regular examination mouth. The numerical value of axial clearance, should according to leaving factory manual regulation is adjusted.
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