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On July 9, machine tool of international of the 10th Shanghai is exhibited in Shanghai new international reads extensively the center kicks off. This the machine tool extends by a definite date 4 days, will end on July 12. Former Central Committee of Communist Party of China organizes a standing undersecretary to Zhao Zongnai is attended and visit machine tool of Dong Boguo border to exhibit.
In the morning 9 when, new international reads extensively day of noisy of ensemble of such instruments with gongs and drums playing the main part of part of entry of the hall austral the center, lion dance jubilation. Accompanying lively music sound, shanghai external Yu Jianming of deputy secretary-general of economic trade commission is majestic announced machine tool of international of the 10th Shanghai to exhibit kick off formally. Subsequently Zhao Zongnai's minister thanks flourish with director of center of invite public bidding of Chinese Electromechanical equipment complete, national defence division is versed in appoint Li Tongfang of information center secretary, Korea is stationed in consul of Shanghai consulate general yuan east fill, Korea machinery industry revitalizes meeting vice-chairman Yin Dongxie.
After the opening ceremony, the Zhao Zongnai's undersecretary that industry of tool of machine tool of extreme care our country grows took wheelchair to look around to exhibit meeting. The accompanied minister issueing Zhao to visit a large number of ginseng to postpone business item on display in organizing committee personnel, listen to spot enterprise to represent the introduction about item on display seriously, enquire the detail of item on display, know product property.
Pass a few hours look around, zhao minister reachs our country in understanding industry of machine tool tool is newest after developing a standard, just taking place to visit the technical data that exhibits business and its item on display to leave to exhibit meeting.

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