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On April 10, 2007, xi Menzi (China) limited company automation and ministry of system of automation of drive group industry were held in Shanghai royal " Xi Menzi SIMATIC PCS 7 is brilliant 10 years " celebration evening party, this day of newest version V7.0 that announces process of SIMATIC PCS 7 controls a system has market of China of make one's bow, xi Menzi (China) the night that limited company automation and Fei Desai of general manager of department of system of automation of drive group industry and nearly 100 clients of the SIMATIC PCS 7 that comes from countrywide each district spent a happiness jointly, the award of the outstanding partner that issued the numerous domain such as oil, chemical industry, steely, machinery in the spot.

SIMATIC PCS 7 is Xi Menzi the company is based on completely compositive automation (TIA) concept, the new generation that can cover all industry field controls a system. SIMATIC PCS 7 adopts SIMATIC software of the standard and hardware package, have the aid of is safeguarded at its current data, communication and design function, can offer a kind to be based on the open mode, gender price that faces future to compare very tall automation solution. Pass SIMATIC IT framework, SIMATIC PCS 7 can come true from ERP platform, to MES platform and control platform, till spot platform general correspond with vitrification data. Apply through old project and carry out experience to accumulate, SIMATIC PCS7 still has each industry expert to control a system, the NAHMAT of industry of the SIPAPER of industry of the BRAUMAT of industry of the CEMAT of industry of the SIGLAS that includes vitreous industry, cement, brewing, papermaking, refine sugar is waited a moment.

Be based on technology of more than 10 years to accumulate the applied experience that reachs thousands of project, SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 is in reservation is former version is powerful function while, more have 10 distinct technology advantages.

Up to now, SIMATIC PCS 7 already had project of more than 5000 projects in the whole world, distributing extensively to wait for an industry in chemical industry, electric power, food and beverage, pharmacy, papermaking, be appointed by the transnational corporation such as Du Bang, Basifu choose a process to control one of systems to can offer the actor that purchase.

In 10 years when had gone, SIMATIC PCS 7 makes a person in the outstanding achievement of Chinese market very hearten, have the growth of nearly 29% every year. China already was the 2nd big market that SIMATIC PCS 7 is next to Germany in the whole world at present, contract project number already exceeded 600. By 2006, SIMATIC PCS 7 is formal DCS of big oil refining of Qingdao of the petrifaction in winning the bid purchases an item, it is its more a in Chinese business progress major breakthrough.

Comply with such market demand, of this SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 roll out, hopeful promotes Xi Menzi company automation and drive group further the program that dominates a field in the process solves ability, provide more first-class service for broad client.
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