Manufacturing industry of Guizhou Province equipment strides exhibition period o

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Statistic shows, first quarter, I save dimensions to be worth 1.373 billion yuan in order to make up the industry of equipment manufacturing industry that finish increases, 7.9% what occupy industry of above of complete province dimensions to raise a cost, than going up growth of year of the corresponding period 7% . Make joint-stock source, communicate extensively, research and development is tasted newly, development market, I save equipment manufacturing industry to present good progress impetus.

Target clarity of clear, train of thought, location is exact, ability leads equipment manufacturing industry effectively rapid development -- equipment manufacturing industry relatively the development train of thought of the province that develop proved this.

"Want to pay attention to the dilate of the quantity already, should pay attention to more rise character; Want to stress industrial dominant position already, should reflect area distinguishing feature more; Want to pay attention to industrial dimensions already, should pay attention to industrial assemble to spend more. " province classics trade appoint director class Cheng farming think Guizhou develops equipment manufacturing industry, what must avoid to lose contact with reality is blind follow suit.

Reach equipment of machine of car component, project and component, rigid numerical control and functional component, electron around affirmatory plane and aircraft component, car yuan traffic of parts of an apparatus and electronic information product, railroad and spare parts, new equipment and component " 7 old series " the key develops train of thought, my province helps the focal point prospect of hold technology base, market good, development is rapidder domain, accelerate the breakthrough that pushs product of component of machine of numerical control machine tool, project, hydraulic pressure, aviation.

Province classics trade appoint reach concerned branch development nearly 100 enterprises begin survey, to me industry of province equipment preparation grows the current situation to undertake trying to find out the real intention in the round, seek the difficulty that accurate enterprise exists and issue, specific aim ground takes effective measures, suit the remedy to the case.

Center manpower, material resources and financial capacity, the key helps the business with hold brand advantage and technical base and market good prospect and product, effects is apparent. Limited company of machine tool of expensive boat east is new coruscate opportunity of survival, the brand of Guiyang bearing plant is able to save, double can the company can be developed taste newly, heavy industry of Zhan in relief company is overall produce can get rising with quality, a batch of companies that have brand advantage and technical advantage and product get be developinged adequately.

Current, I save equipment manufacturing industry the new product of research and development, new technology amounts to 925. Among them " 20-30 ton hydraulic pressure of class hydraulic press and project of electronic control system " solve property of hydraulic pump, motor, mining to match wait for crucial core technology, component of hydraulic pressure of foundation of equipment of engineering of the high end in turning round home depends on the situation of the entrance. Long of couplet group and development of combination of horizontal machinery plant " new-style dynamite package machine " , new art the machinery plant develops " casting of essence of pottery and porcelain core is hollow blade " the new clothes equipment that waits for banner level of a batch of country, developing while advanced industrialization process, for equipment manufacturing industry development lays solid foundation.
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