Our country stable earth blends machine market atrophy reason and look into

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Our country stabilizes earth to blend quantity of machine produce and sale to show downtrend in last few years, the market is serious and atrophic, already by year of demand of before a few years 500 ~ decrease 600 times to be not worth 100, be what reason brings about the market to last after all low fan? Does stable earth blend the outlet of machine where to? Where is breakthrough dot? These problems are worth industry profundity to think over.

1, stable earth blends engine concept error

In road machinery industry, will tell from the concept, stable earth is blended engine is main the build that is used at basic level of new way road surface, belong to the machinery that build a road a kind, go up in machine structure, function with machine of road cold second birth extremely similar, they are two kinds of configuration of a kind of equipment or usage. The stable earth of onefold utility is blended aircraft is current the international market is very small. Be in abroad, this kind of machinery uses combination to name commonly, the road that be called stabilizes earth to blend machine / machine of road second birth. But the stable earth that because did not deploy necessary complementary makings to add unit,forms this kind of onefold utility in our country is blended machine, because this limitted stable ground greatly,blend the use space of machine and market.

Stabilizing earth to blend machine and road mill planer is two kinds of different type, general and stable earth is blended engine is main with Yu Lu face basic level works, also include facing sometimes, its basically are to the purpose of material cutting lay up material is used blend together with stabilizing agent, cutting blends deepness to be 300 ~ 400mm; And the main job object of mill planer is road facing, main purpose depends on will purify of material of road surface layer, mill dig deepness is 100mm the following, reclaim material carry away next, mill planer is set commonly reclaim device. What what differ is to stabilize earth to blend aircraft is general the build that uses Yuxin means, and mill planer is right commonly road undertakes heavying repair working. The cutting precision demand of mill planer is higher, because these two kinds of machinery are on integral structure,differ. Although manufacturer of our country part publicizes what he produces to blend rotor of dig of machine installation mill to be able to be used at road milling,work, but because blend the structural limitation of machine, the precision of mill dig cutting is too low, construction unit can use his in the maintenance work of grade highway without which.

The place on put together is narrated, ought to blend stable earth machine and road Leng Zaisheng machine returns for a kind of product, machine of road cold second birth was to configure the stable ground that writes unit of the supply that add an agent to blend machine, can will fill unit of the supply that add an agent to blend the equipment of a kind of choice of machine as stable earth, stable of course earth is blended machine is OK provide all sorts of cutting tool blend rotor, like hoe form cutting tool (call a boat oar cutting tool again) , bullet form cutting tool, can use at blending different hardness material, can blend old road surface to use as even exercise of road second birth.
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