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Through in last few years swift and violent development, the dimensions of valve produce and sale of Jiangsu salt city by 3 billion yuan of 2006, driving growth goes to 5.5 billion yuan of 2007, this year criterion hopeful breaks through 6 billion yuan, strove for a breakthrough 2010 one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan close greatly. The personage inside course of study thinks, of afterwards Zhejiang always fine, after Long Wan, jiangsu salt city is becoming another big valve of our country to create base.

Development of estate of saline city valve starts earlier, after reforming and opening, local government is increased again give aid to strength, encourage emphasis of civilian battalion company to develop valve property, accelerated the development of industry of saline city valve thereby. At present this area has business of greatly small valve to make an appointment with 400 or so, among them business of dimensions above valve many 110, formed group basically to change produce pattern with what specialization. In addition, the manufacturer of valve of exit of saline city production also increasingly grow in quantity, already from at the outset 3 two development go to many 50 to have the for sale abroad or in another part of the country that has dimensions quite company now, export is measured in last few years more with annual the extent of 40%~50% grows, the country such as popular Europe, beautiful, southeast Asia, middle east mixes the product area, exit product from before the cheap product such as small-bore a powerful person, brake a powerful person transfers to wait for the product with additional higher cost to large requirements a powerful person, ball valve gradually.

And increase the strength that purchases valve and valve of joint-stock collaboration production in saline city as the developed country such as North America, Western Europe, the pump valve business of lukewarm city and other places also is transferred to saline city quickly, the near future has business of valve of 15 home famous pump to garrison again saline city developing zone does poineering work, make local valve line of business gets strength further.

However, line of business of saline city valve also shows a few issues in swift and violent development: It is ability of research and development of business of saline city valve quite fragile still, do not master core technology, also not the palm accuses to sell the market, most enterprise acted as part of the person that international works, major product is the production that stick a card, without oneself brand product, appurtenant position is on in industrial catenary. Because depend on a foreign trader, once encounter international economy crisis, whole industry can be completely annihilated. 2 it is as valve the enterprise is in saline city is ceaseless assemble, coessential change, the competition that low end spends is inevitable. Especially near future dollar depreciates, international economy is low fan, add raw material, the sources of energy rise in price considerably, brought concussion to the valve business that competes in low end. 3 it is industry of saline city valve famous degree not tall, without oneself superior goods and brand product, of own research and development taste newly not much also, the greatest competition ability basically is labor cost low, this also is the largest dominant position that they win a foreign trader to invest. The expert inside a few course of study points out, if local government is right,structure of fixed position of company position, industry, product and industry control oneself wait for a respect not to try to guide peace treaty bundle, the abidance that will affect industry of saline city valve is healthy develop.
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