Common breakdown diagnoses drive axle of hydraulic pressure grab with eliminate

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One, drive axle is common breakdown

Drive axle is by final drive, difference fast implement, axle housing, axle shaft is mixed the composition such as round of edge reducer and hub. Its function is the torsion that transmits transmission shaft passes drive wheel, implementation change direction of rotation and fall fast increase torsion.

To the requirement of drive axle:

(1) when assembling, bearing, final drive reachs round of edge reducer to wait cooperate kinematic pair, all should withhold formulary clearance, have in order to avoid the working face that the be heated when the job expands to card dies and assure parts enough deep oily film, after teeth of a cogwheel wears away, the biggest use gap must not exceed 0.4mm; Of final drive advocate the moulage of clench the teeth with passive gear due and correct teeth of a cogwheel.

(2) should have good lubricant requirement, namely the fluid face height of appropriate lube and regulation, must not have leakage oily appearance.

Drive axle bears bigger and complex force, use for a long time those who cause each works is inevitable rub caustic, together with is used or safeguard undeserved, make the technical condition addle of drive axle. When drive axle works, with respect to oil of meeting occurrence abnormal knocking, leakage, overheat or other phenomenon.

2, drive axle abnormal knocking

1, a kind of expression that drive axle abnormal knocking is technical condition addle, the size of its noise indicates the level of technical headquarters addle. Sound of rear abnormal knocking and opportunity are distinct also. Of condition of the travelling speed that abnormal knocking often follows grab commonly, travel change and change.

2, case study

(1) gear wears away when grab travel, the reducer of drive axle (final drive is mixed round of edge reducer) with difference fast implement gear can happen wear away, lubricant and undesirable when, gear wears away rate is rapidder. Figure of geometry of the outline outside involute is lost after the teeth of a cogwheel of gear wears away, when gear clench the teeth, scroll grinds decrease, slip grind increase, this increased gear not only clearance of clench the teeth, quickened gear further at the same time wear away process, produced noise, namely abnormal knocking. In addition, gear teeth of a cogwheel with respect to bridge of Xiang Yigen cantilever, suffer what after carrying, age the root is in generation to curve stress the biggest, together with is handed in change the influence of load, gear root ministry can produce fatigue crackle more. As the extension of working hours, fatigue rate increases and crackle expands; Inside the crackle that the lube when clench the teeth of gear teeth of a cogwheel can be aged in clench the teeth by extruding, crackle falls in the action of force of oily hydraulic pressure, mix to deepness length is outspread. Bear the weight of when gear when force is less than load, can break off, common says to make a tooth-like part of anything. Reputation of the abnormal knocking after making a tooth-like part of anything will be bigger, still can suspend drive even or destroy other parts.
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