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"5•12 " calamity of especially big earthquake astonishs plain of short of Wenshui River the whole nation fluctuates, the safety of disaster area brethren is affecting the heart of descendants of each an ancient name for China. Kang Zhiqian of deputy secretary-general of association of industry of Chinese project machinery will tell a reporter on May 14, at present home company of each main project machinery, if 31 groups, Xu is versed in group, medium couplet heavy division, hill is pushed, answer the call central actively mansion labour, dragon labour, contribution, contribute content, donate equipment, reach the hand of critical support with disaster area of actual travel tendercy.

Xu industry group spot of more than 100 crane rescues them

"There still are 200 kilometers from destination now, be at ease please, we must disaster area most imperative crane sends as soon as possible " . 13 days of 22 ∶ 30 the left and right sides, xu is versed in the group drives the personnel that sends automobile crane 3 times to disaster area, give in Sichuan churchyard the newspaper calls in the factory restful.

After calamity happening, xu is versed in the group held water quickly to be a group leader with secretary of president, Party committee, leading group member is group member Xu Gong helps orgnaization of disaster area job, develop work of each preparation providing disaster relief in the round. 13 days afternoon, xu Gong already formed keen-witted and capable rescuing team, throw action providing disaster relief. Among them, 3 when Xu Gong is in Sichuan sale center brand-new the equipment such as automobile crane has made the preparation that sets out at any time, 3 automobile crane set out from Xuzhou, hurry off to disaster area. In the meantime, follow-up rescuing team also gets ready wait for hair.

Up to 14 days in the morning, the crane that already nearly 100 Xu Gong are produced rescues them in a gleam of of Sichuan earthquake disaster area, have crane of labour of two batches of Xu additionally march to disaster area.

While preparative machinery equips, xu Gong still established team of two professional technologies, among them one often removes heavy industry to head a group by what had attended shake of Tang Shan earth to come to help in those days, integrated an all seasoned heavy hoisting technician inside the enterprise, preparation sets out at any time hurry off to disaster area.

When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, xu industry group has aroused 4 teams throw job providing disaster relief, devoted equipment exceeds 20 million yuan. First crane motorcade and product safeguard team already arrived at Chengdu at 14 days of morning, investment arrives in the rescuing job of the disaster area such as Jiang Yan.

Couplet weighs division total industry to take 70 people commando to provide disaster relief in

After happening of the situation of a disaster, couplet heavy division plans Sichuan branch instantly in, the automobile crane of card of couplet of 10 much Taichun that moves collect Chengdu area beforehand, provide personnel of machine hand, technology, active contact Sichuan saves people government, at any time on call, preparation enters plain of short of Wenshui River to weigh disaster area to carry out come to help.
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