Xu Gong is heavy-duty 4000 staff contribute money 1.43 million assist Sichuan

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On May 17, the dew at the beginning of first sun rays in the morning, the Xu on Saturday is versed in heavy-duty plant area still is a hush, in the company that there are more than 4000 stuffs in this, many employee are rested by arrangement today. But look around plant area, let a person feel it seems that however what will there be today major activity wants to hold. Scan widely looks, the main force of plant area on the road, gong Gong's carpet is outspread leave, home of a delegate is the most advanced crane of QAY300 whole area silently stand erect in trunk on, as if the important task that should go executing an endowment mission.

7 Shi Gang passes, the form with each hasty walking still a moment ago appeared immediately in an enterprise that become silent, covey team arranges orderly employee rank to had built up on the road to the main force of the enterprise, cluster round in succession next by QAY300 crane. Before long, here had collected nearly 4000 employee of whole industry, of everybody taking in the eye what want to realize some kind of desire immediately it seems that is intense expect, there is to as if in the hand of everybody the paper bag with general hearts, far look, among the team of 4000 people, hearts dot, compose acts the role of meantime.

Original, "Unity is strength, aseismatic provide disaster relief, xuzhou of Xu industry group is heavy-duty and mechanical ceremony of contribution of limited company Sichuan providing disaster relief " will hold here.

8 Shi Gang passes, the industry leading group that with general manager Zhang Yuchun heads comes to the team in front, throw a dozen thick contribute money that represent an individual earnestly contribution case in, back-to-back, the member of other leading group of the enterprise will be fully loaded with him to be blessed to Sichuan disaster area as thick as what expect a dozen contribution send contribution case in. Here, without assembly room music, wait for any ceremonies without leader speech, some is silent only reticent consistent action, because of 4000 employee at the moment the mood is interlinked, movement of simple a contribution is conveying everybody expect jointly in the heart with wish. "Get the better of soundlessly right now phonic " can convey each Xu worker most probably at the moment most the clearest cherished desire.

Grow senior team to be in wriggle, each is fully loaded with Xu worker " brethren of bless of day bless China, day " the red paper bag that expects eagerly gathers together a hearts, emeritus already Yu Xia of Bao of 51 labor medallist's master came to the whole nation that is in the home, be stationed in abroad to serve the personnel, sale that is stationed in countrywide each district to serve personnel to be entrusted on a special trip from already family also delivers debt. The team is advancing, love is in emerge move, hearts is in assemble... inside 20 minutes of short time, heavy-duty raise money in all money of be apt to one million four hundred and thirty-two thousand four hundred and ninety yuan.
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