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Fork-lift truck is in a product to upgrade period, sales volume case is good. Fork-lift truck is our country at present the market retains the quantity is mixed the project machine product with year of the largest sales volume, apply extensively at the industry such as excavate of railroad, highway, bridge, coal, irrigation works and electric power, get macroscopical adjusting control the influence is minor. 7 years total sales volume of domestic fork-lift truck is 159353, grew 32.9% compared to the same period, accumulative total exports 9529, grew 147.7% compared to the same period. Market share is centered further, the first group (labour of Liu Gong, dragon, mansion is versed in and face industry) 65% what market share comes 7 years by 56% promotion of 5 years, the market that mansion is versed in is had rate 17% what arrive 7 years by 15.82% promotion of 6 years. But market structure still is in not stable condition, manufacturer of machine of because abroad is very much large project, be like: Card spy those is strapped, Woerwo, build a factory to perhaps be bought through annex in home in succession enter home market, make the stability of the market is reduced.

The fork-lift truck series that mansion is versed in includes 1t, 3t, 5t, 6t, 8t and 12t, with 5t the department is in the majority, occupy the 75%-80% of total sales volume, 7 years fork-lift truck sells 21269, 8 years hopeful achieves 30000 (cadre Jiao Zunji ground) , accumulative total of 1 quarter company sells fork-lift truck 8413, sales volume will achieve 3700 that month April, purchase a client to basically transportation of mine company, road builds an enterprise to wait. Introduce according to company staff, because carry insecurity to affect sales volume to achieve 1000 in all,have during 1-4 month, and 320 fair cast return to normal basically at present afterwards. 8 years the company upgrades the technology that drives fork-lift truck actively, after 6 years generation series falls into disuse, 8 years later period will roll out the 3rd acting product, be like XG951-3, XG953-3; And the XG956 economy product, 918 ore deposit that basically are used at small-sized colliery use fork-lift truck, and XG931, 952, 961 wait for the new product that has competitive advantage also will strong roll out.

Machine of 5 series high end, fittings of be enslaved to be enslaved to (basically be drive axle and gear-box) produce can limitation, can release many 300 every months only, to this year 3 quarters end, as a result of directional last year in November the ability that increases hair collect capital to wait to drive axle changes enlarge to produce finish (by 15 thousand promotion reachs 30 thousand) , of crucial component abstain rate general to come by current 70% promotion 90% above, the scale that cost buys to hold totle drilling cost outside from 52% drop 39% the following, output of month of high end of the 5 departments after bottleneck is solved will achieve many 600. 6t product produces per year nearly 1000 at present, two years output of 6t department product will achieve future 3000.
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