Fastener business should survive need to serving fluctuation time

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Face period of tall steel price, fastener business does not have too much choice, because this one change is not reversible,turn. Compare with the steely enterprise that can rise in price, fastener business conducts product value very hard downward. Fastener industry is an industry that commercializes highly, competition is very intense, if will rise in price,pressure is conducted downward, lose a client likely. Although product value rises somewhat, extent is lesser also, in order to assure sales volume, and unapt the fall that creates income.

Before a few years, the enterprise can rely on get victory of the price, quality, present enterprise should rely on speed, innovation and value catenary get victory more. Innovation is be extended with developing poor dissimilation product to come and fractionize market, both neither can be rushed rise in price, interior cannot be digested again, the enterprise is even on the service make an issue of. The product need not make money even be out of pocket, but can win more order through high grade product and excellent service, form benign loop. This must be accomplished.

The fastener company that the the most pressing, mainest task makes current fastener industry competitive namely survives come down, change the growth way of industry and enterprise stage by stage again next.

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