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Disaster has feeling without the lover, one party has difficult all directions to assist. On May 12 14 when 28 minutes, sichuan saves county of plain of short of Wenshui River to produce 8 level violent temblor, building collapse, personal casualty, the life property of disaster area people sufferred huge loss. After happening of the situation of a disaster, organization of group company various party and broad worker pass the understanding the situation of a disaster such as TV, network, newspaper, broadcast, care the situation of a disaster, affection fastens a victim, gave huge care and attention to disaster area.

To boost disaster area calamity hind rebuilds the job, via group company party card labour studies, the decision is begun inside entire company limits " affection is disaster area, consecratory love " aseismatic provide disaster relief contributory activity, the appeal is broad Party member cadre, staff acts actively, all oneself can dedicate love, people of help disaster area walks out of predicament as early as possible, rebuild happy home.

After each unit receives an announcement, organize a worker to contribute content with multiform contribution instantly, show the sentiment of the broad worker care to disaster area people. In the meantime, each unit still is in to the worker family member of disaster area relative suffers calamity circumstance to undertake investigation, understanding is mixed try to find out the real intention, will offer condolatory care and help with all sorts of means. Chongqing is able to bear or endure heart industry Inc. undertakes in active organization employee raise donations of relieve the people in disaster is mixed donate blood activity while, answer local government and legionary call actively, expedite employee and car of outfit of a 12 ministry clean sprinkler, cent instantly, urgent march to is stricken be hit by a natural adversity the most serious disaster area offers drinking water lash-up to ensure a service with rescuing army for stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses; Company of assembly of car of Chongqing benefit dragon happens in the situation of a disaster before long, organize contribution to contribute content instantly, expedite special of person specially assigned for a task to send disaster area goods and materials providing disaster relief; Far in the secretary of group company former Party committee of ocean the other shore, president Kong Weiliang makes a telephone call on a special trip, entrust concerned staff contribute money 1000 yuan; The company leaves emeritus veteran cadre also help sb generously with money, a few live in old pal of other place or body unwell to wait for means contribution in order to entrust person specially assigned for a task or bank remit money; The company is stationed in the employee heart of outer net dot and agency to fasten disaster area, in succession with different kind contribution; Attending a company to turn 59 personnel that hillock grooms are active also contribution, they say, although contribute money is not much, but conveyed us to be opposite a deep feeling of disaster area masses.
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