Shenyang zoology garden uses hot pump to realize waste gas 0 discharge

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On May 25, come from the message of garden of Shenyang metallurgical industry, always invest 5 billion yuan, the great in the Shenyang that covers an area of 3 square kilometer garden of industry of renewable resources zoology, its first phase project is formal already complete, will open garden formally at the beginning of June.

Research center of industry of zoology of university of You Qinghua of garden of industry of renewable resources zoology makes the great in Shenyang program of garden region industry, it is a country six ministries and commissions circulate the 2nd batch one of areas of economic demonstrative garden. Already the first phase project of complete, with the ground 66.66 hectare, can garrison 32 production company and 20 management services enterprise, year the process capability that tear open solution 1 million tons, can offer post of 10000 obtain employment, year sale 7 billion above.

Garden area predicts through 4 years cent period is built. After the project builds entirely, year of total sales that garrisons garden division business will exceed 50 billion yuan, solve obtain employment 40 thousand more than person.

According to introducing, alleged " zoology garden " , it is garden area general realizes waste gas " 0 " discharge, inside garden of implementation of sewage disposal center in water is answered with, the heating inside garden uses land source to heat up pump, and after tearing open solution thoroughly, the concentration that realizes the solid inside garden area and aeriform trash is handled etc, let all trash, trash such as waste gas, sundry full inside garden area implementation is used circularly.

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