Tong car carries pump and Tong ground to carry pump carry to go to boreal plain

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27 days early 7 when 30 minutes, the Tong car that offers by Yantai carries pump and Tong ground to carry pump to be carried go to Sichuan north plain.

In the north that receives the speak or sing alternately that it is a province to assist plain county offers Tong car to carry pump ground of stage and 1 Tong carries pump after 1 announcement, height of Lai open municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously, yang Guojiang of Yu Songbai of secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor holds special subject conference to undertake study deploy instantly, the company that has productivity to whole town undertook making an on-the-spot investigation understanding, make the task finally by one of businesses of mainstay of industry of construction machinery of business of countrywide large industry, whole nation grand amounts to a group to finish, seat of government of Lai in relief city does and street agency fulfils the city proper and areas just outside its gates.

Current, grand amounts to a group to had carried pump to debug to Tong ground end, equipment sufficient fittings, at 27 days early 7 when 30 minutes of carry are gone to boreal plain, technical personnel the corresponding period is driven go to. Tong car carries the car batholith that pump place needs to already ordered goods to concerned supplier, 3, arrive inside 5 days, with pump housing installation is debugged end 10 can transfer boreal plain in a few days.

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