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Violent temblor affects Sichuan the heart of everybody, social all circles help sb generously with money, contributory Sichuan provides disaster relief. Rebuild better to can let Sichuan people good home, on May 19, day stands build machine (China) give out 8 grab (ZX200: 5 stage, ZX120: 3) , boost Sichuan earthquake disaster area.

Be in to strive for send disaster area machine of relieve the people in disaster for a short while, began at 8 o'clock in the late evening lade in the job, standing deputy mayor of city of Zhang Xiaolin Hefei visits spot encourage to work. Lade exercise runs ministry and department of person in charge of general affairs through production try hard all night, was finished at 10 o'clock in the morning at 20 days and set out from Hefei station, predict to will arrive at Sichuan at 21 days.

Day stands build machine (Shanghai) limited company, day stands build machine (China) limited company couplet stands with day build machine the company limited already expressed palpability to be offerred to Sichuan earthquake disaster area include this company product inside amount to of 100 million yen contributory. This help is among them one part.

Rebuild at an early date for Sichuan people home, day stands build machine general to continue to begin each to boost an activity.

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