The first batch of machine make a warehouse

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On May 23, as car of last B7648 mount, the first batch of 50 stage B7648 of company of Xiamen jade bavin are finished already smoothly make a warehouse, indicating company of Xiamen jade bavin is already complete the capacity that had batch production and actual strength.

Approving 50 B7648 originally is the first batch of machine that mansion of consign of Xiamen jade bavin is versed in, basically assemble the 30 fork-lift truck that mansion is versed in. Since company of Xiamen jade bavin held water on December 5, 2006 oneself, in jade bavin below the high attention that department leads and support, company of Xiamen jade bavin undertook to the project careful organization, plan is mixed carry out advance, in the project design, technological process is decorated, the respect such as construction of construction of project invite public bidding, workshop, facilities alternative, system, Training Within Industry did many preparation work, and the productivity course that in April the bottom passes expert of company technology quality smoothly affirms, entered phase of formal put into production. Current, company of Xiamen jade bavin completes first phase project already basically each project of the first pace, achieved the productivity that produces per year 30 thousand, enter the construction that first phase project holds a line inside the 2nd pace smoothly.

It is reported, next 50 6M machine also will be versed in at mansion of the consign inside recently, assemble the 50 fork-lift truck that mansion is versed in.

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