Liu Gong works overtime to produce project machine for seismic disaster area

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organize project machine to reach seismic spot providing disaster relief for a short while, establish rescuing team of project machine rush to deal with an emergency to drive a gleam of of the area that go to shake, work overtime evict disaster area to rebuild imperative large facility, generosity donates other people of 3 million yuan of money to help disaster area people... from Sichuan earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River happens to May 24, the faculty of willow industry group is in all the time to boost seismic disaster area aseismatic provide disaster relief go all lengths. Willow is versed in president Wang Xiaohua says, those who serve as an industry " arms of the person at the head of a procession " , when national happening weighs catastrophe, want to assume him obligation obligatorily.

Act in this the whole nation aseismatic in providing disaster relief, liu Gong finished another urgent task. Seismic happening morrow is late, national hair changes appoint indicate Liu Gong, requirement as soon as possible has been made assemble the preparation that equipment boosts disaster area. The company holds urgent meeting instantly, comprehensive deploy is aseismatic provide disaster relief each job. On May 18 afternoon, by the machinery that 21 technologies backbone comprises rescuing team is taking Guangxi people to be opposite a deep feeling of disaster area brethren, hurry off to Sichuan aseismatic forefront providing disaster relief, with the assemble of Liu Gong vanguard that had fought bravely 5 days in disaster area, develop more extensive rescuing work. Nowadays, one of teams of rush to deal with an emergency that willow is versed in rescuing team already became Sichuan continous bamboo to weigh disaster area to have fighting capacity most.

Late on May 17 7 when, liu Gong receives an instruction, the requirement allocates and transport instantly 30 100 fork-lift truck, grab head for Chengdu investment to provide disaster relief. The company produces production system the same night to work overtime, right overall before having shipment, examine again debug, add full oil, juice, ensure equipment arrives disaster area with respect to ground of can full load go into action; Liu Gong store carry branch begins to assemble a car from 18 days of before dawn, to in the morning 9 when, all and large facility already built up end to carry through railroad line toward disaster area. On May 22, liu Gong receives national hair to change again appoint directive, urgent assemble 80 fork-lift truck are driven go to disaster area, the assembly that passes one day and night is debugged, arrive 23 days in the morning, another batch of brand-new willow are versed in fork-lift truck exactly the amount drives movement to front of Sichuan disaster area as scheduled. Up to on May 23, the large project machine in front providing disaster relief sets Liu Gong to have 235 at least fully, personnel is close 100 people.

On May 23, had placed the willow that will produce per month 1200 tasks June to be versed in general assembly factory is received again should add the job that produces 270 fork-lift truck technically for disaster area. The reporter is interviewed at hurrying to Liu Gong that day when, a fork-lift truck that receives is sailing from product line of factory of willow labour general assembly piece. The operates hand Chen Yu and him work in the same placing that debug a class are being risked broiling, busy new to each machine undertakes debugging: Lift discharge of clog, tipping bucket, racing bike to detect, each detail is meticulous. Chen Yu tells a reporter, these are being driven should send toward Sichuan earthquake disaster area aseismatic the fork-lift truck that provide disaster relief must have been debugged meticulously, "Scarcely disgrace mission, support construction of disaster area people with all one's strength. Support construction of disaster area people with all one's strength..
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