Pingmei drive a hydraulic support the accreditation level of overall performance

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Yesterday, Pingdingshan Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd developed the 7 m mining height, electric hydraulic control through expert review. China Coal Mine Machinery Industry Association Xuya Xiong, Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhen-Qi, Zhang Tie Kong Chinese Academy of Engineering will participate in review, the deputy mayor Huang Xiangli to the meeting and delivered speeches.
It is understood that the company is China Pingdingshan machine research, development, design, production and manufacture of integrated support mechanized mining of coal equipment - hydraulic support production enterprises with more than 1,300 types of production equipment (sets), with the production of hydraulic support 10,000 capacity, with total assets of 1.5 billion yuan last year, output value of 2.3 billion. In recent years, the company adhere to the implementation of technological innovation, R & D high-powered support, walk in the forefront of the industry. The Group believes that 7 m Pingdingshan mining height, electric hydraulic control work in support of the resistance, supporting a high degree of stability, reliability and adaptability of coal and roof to help control other aspects of design, manufacturing, supporting, etc. have a breakthrough, the project will adopt the whole of a thick coal seam mining technology to a high new level, the overall performance of the product in the international leading level, with wide application prospects. It is reported that the product has entered into contracts 158, the amount of nearly 4 million.

Huangxiang Li in his speech expressed the hope that Pingmei machine further strengthen technological innovation, research and development of better equipment to enhance the core competitiveness, I hope the product into production as soon as possible, as soon as possible to see the benefits.

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