Wheeled down a long slope engineering machinery hydraulic system using its own

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Driving wheel construction machinery fewer opportunities for long-distance, the engine exhaust brake system were not set, but following a long slope, due to their own weight, high brake shoe pressure, combined with a small cooling area, often causing erosion and the brake shoe failure, or even car crash accident, for which we tried to use the machine's own hydraulic system instead of engine exhaust braking method to reduce the mechanical wheel under the long slope, the wear on the braking system to improve the safety brake sex. 1. Brake principle of construction machinery weight of its own big wheel, the ramp up and down through the transmission line so that the engine accelerates and even cause coaster. If this time increases the load on the hydraulic pump can reduce the engine speed, then the potential energy of its own weight by mechanical hydraulic system into heat, but also through the hydraulic oil cooling radiator. Gear hydraulic system through the brake at the same time of four (but not locking phenomenon occurs), so the machine can effectively prevent sub ah 道路 snow and driving on a muddy slip and direction when failure occurs the fault phenomena. 2. Wheeled excavator hydraulic braking down a long slope method of operation before the long downhill, driven hydraulic pump, hanging file down, when the speed is higher than necessary, pull the right leg with his right hand joystick received, not only can reduce the speed . 3. Wheel bulldozer down a long slope method of operation of hydraulic brake before the long downhill, joint locking clutch. Down a long slope, when the speed of more than necessary, after the pull with the right hand lever to enhance shovel blade knife, the bulldozers slow, and by opening the throttle valve to adjust the size of braking efficiency. 4. Note that this method can not be used for emergency braking; for easy to file off the machine, the method de-file the same time after the brake failure, then apply the foot brake; foot brake and hydraulic brake at the same time or separately use, independently of each other; wheel loader with this method is invalid.

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