Haiyuan machinery: hydraulic forming equipment leading energy-saving advanta

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Investment advice: Our main business is the hydraulic forming equipment and ancillary equipment R & D, design, production and sales. Products include HF presses, HP press, HC pressure Machines, which are mainly used to produce bricks and other wall materials autoclaved coal, refractory materials. Since 1999, China promulgated several policies to limit the solid clay brick Used instead of clay brick of new wall materials, the development of solid waste clay brick is expected to be the best alternative solution, fully automated solution company Pressure press, can be produced with fly ash and other solid waste, and river sand, sea sand was autoclaved brick raw materials, market prospects, in addition, the company's HC Refractory automatic hydraulic press series overcome the manual double-disc friction press the bricks of quality variation is stable and can produce good performance, quality and stability, Use of bricks for superior products, a company long-term profit growth. R & D strength, technology in the domestic leading level, gross profit margin of 40% So. We expect the company in 2010 and 2012 EPS was 0.43 yuan, 0.60 yuan

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