Haiyuan machinery: "green" leader of hydraulic forming machine

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※ focus on utilizing waste reduction, energy conservation and environmental protection of hydraulic forming equipment, to lead the future development of the industry the company is a leading professional manufacturer of hydraulic forming equipment, to provide benefits of waste reduction, energy conservation and environmental technology solutions and core equipment. Currently, the main products to market wall press HF, HP ceramic press, HC refractory press, the domestic industry was ranked first, third and first. Through more than 20 years of accumulated technology, can sensitively capture the country's industry-oriented, wall press market share of over 80%, leading the "green" future development of hydraulic molding equipment. ※ strong support of energy saving policies, the main product substitution is vast domestic solid waste and emission reduction benefits, "no real limit stick" policy, the market share of 54% of solid clay brick will gradually be replaced with new wall materials, wall pressure and the company Compared with other similar mechanical machine was technology, technology, brands, scale advantages, alternative space is broad. In addition, the refractory presses friction press production efficiency is 6 times, the yield increased by 15 percentage points, product performance, production safety, etc. have obvious advantages, as the iron and steel, cement and other industries to promote energy saving policy, alternative friction machine will become a necessity, the market capacity in 2012 is expected to reach 2,500 units, and maintain a rapid growth momentum. ※ innovation excellence, uphold the raw material formulation advantage in the company continued to focus on market demand for technology research and development equipment for the core of the forward-looking strategy, relying on a strong platform for technological innovation, the first wall of high dosage are listed as national key press to encourage the development of environmental protection equipment, the development of refractory presses, composite materials, press and other products fill the gaps. Hydraulic press is the core barriers to formula, process and equipment stability. The company through several decades of domestic raw materials in most parts of the research environment, and accumulated extensive first-hand data, training a group of professional and technical personnel of raw materials formulations, the industry most companies can not imitate the short term. ※ rich reserves of the project, composite materials, press, press into the future of coal coke companies to actively develop new growth areas of application of hydraulic molding technology has been developed or are developing new products have 15 species. Among them, composite materials, composite materials on the steel press to benefit the acceleration of substitution, the next few years demand will average more than 200; coal is the country promoting the use of clean coal technology, one type Jiaoyou Li in the use of waste and energy savings future coke briquette press market capacity will be more than 11,000 units, space is very broad. Our products fill the gaps, high-end positioning, growth can be expected. ※ raised the tender break the bottleneck capacity, the second power take-off, the fair value range of 19.5-21.96 per raise funds for expansion of HF press, HP large-tonnage presses, HC press capacity, is put into the new capacity will be 8 times, 2 times, 7 times, is expected to reach capacity by 2013, will be additional annual income of 1.018 billion yuan, gross profit 478 million yuan. The company expects operating income of 2010-2012 yuan respectively, 4.15,5.61,7.33, diluted EPS were 0.45,0.61 and 0.86 yuan. PE 2011 listed companies close to 35 times, taking into account the company's growth potential, given the company 32-36 times 2011 PE, the fair value per interval 19.5-21.96. Risk Warning ※ volatility of macroeconomic cycles; industry competition risks; raw material price volatility;

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