Turkey international iron and steel, cast, nonferrous metal exhibition

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  • 2008-10-16~2008-10-19
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  • 2008-9-15
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  • Turkey
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  • Han Nuowei shows a company
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    • The iron and steel of international of the 9th Turkey that by Germany Hannuowei exhibits a company to sponsor is cast reach pass an imperial examination of processing technique of the 8th mechanical product exhibition, nonferrous metal, machinery and product exhibition 3 international cast product exhibition will in October 16-19 day is held in Turkey Istanbul.
      Limits of item on display: The product such as charging, raw material and manufacturing facilities, puddling reachs steel-making device, metallurgy factories and mines reachs rolling machinery equipment, rolled steel product and manufacturing facilities, cast installation, fireproof material, product and manufacturing facilities, environmental protection, blowdown reachs aeriform purifying device, control, measure, detect reach analytic system, industrial safety and environmental protection.
      Although Turkey is current already row whole world country of 10 big rising markets, but industry is more lagging still, industrial department is not whole, manufacturing technology and technical level are inferior. Accordingly, have particular market demand to metallurgy equipment and product of form a complete set. In recent years Turkish all steely consumption maintains driving growth, turkish 2006 all rolled steel consumption achieves 300 kilograms, achieved 330 kilograms 2007. 2005~2006 year, rate of Turkey bldg. growth is on average 20.5% , because the support of Turkey country policy reachs the constant growth of Turkish mouth, and town population is increasing, bldg. remains important iron and steel to consume the market in future. Develop as economy, in last few years Turkey will achieve average per capita to the demand of rolled steel 600 kilograms level.
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