The 6th Wukelan (base complementary) exhibition of international metallurgy majo

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  • Run a country:
  • - - other country- -
  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2008-10-23~2008-10-24
  • Sign up end:
  • 2008-9-24
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • Base complementary international exhibits a center
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  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Base complementary international exhibits a center
    • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
    • Should exhibit can trade by metal of German METAL-FORUM, Wu Kelan survey of market of product of association, Wu Kelan and syndicate of information monitoring center. Should exhibit meeting ginseng to postpone a business 2005 in all 136, among them 29 come from abroad, ginseng exhibit an area 1107 smooth rice. 500 industry experts attended this plenary meeting, number of day visit audience is in 900 the left and right sides. The exploitation machinery of 12 countries and metallurgy machinery company are mixed by the acting company of 34 major constituent representative ginseng is exhibited.

      General situation of Wu Kelan economy: Capital radical complementary (Kiev) . Population: 2.6 million (on December 31, 1999) . Population 49.29 million (2000) . . Wu Kelan industry and agriculture all relatively develop. Main industry department has metallurgy, machinery to make, oil treatment, shipbuilding, spaceflight, aviation. Teem with cereal and candy, its economy actual strength resides the 2nd in former Russia, say in what former Russia has “ barn ” . Dunieci - the industry and agriculture of the 3 economy area such as area of aid of coastal short for the Jinghe River of Nie Bai He, southwest economy area and southern economy area, carrying trade and tourism develop quite. The 4 big pillar that coal, metallurgy, mechanical, chemical industry is its economy. Have forest, grass already, again numerous Jiang He is worn stream among them, hydrodlectric resources is substantial. The forest is enclothed rate for 14 % . Mineral resources is substantial, have resource of 72 kinds of mineral products, basically coal, iron, manganese, nickel, titanium, mercuric, lead, oil, natural gas, limestone, dolomite, black lead, fireclay, mineral chemical raw material, housing materials waits. Among them iron ore reserves is 19.4 billion tons, occupy complete revive 30 % , manganese mine occupies 80 % , the coal mine with former the biggest Russia also is in Wu Kelan churchyard. The reserves of manganese occupies world front row, anthracitic it is 39 billion tons with the reserves of soft coal, lignite 6 billion tons. The sources of energy is in short supply badly, only natural gas needs every year to import 73 billion stere, the amount of of all kinds the sources of energy that imports every year is worth 8 billion dollar about, hold export total 2/3 strong. Russia is Wukelan's greatest energy resources supplies a country. In recent years, forehead of Wu Kelan foreign trade takes gross domestic product all the time 1/3 the left and right sides. Equipment of goods of metallurgy of main export black, machine, electric machinery, chemical fertilizer, iron ore, produce, entrance natural gas, oil, whole set of equipment, chemical fiber, get together second rare, lumber, medicine.
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