Tool of machine of international of the 8th 2008 Vietnam and automation equipmen

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  • Run a country:
  • - - other country- -
  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2008-10-30~2008-11-2
  • Sign up end:
  • 2008-10-1
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • International of Hu Zhiming city exhibits Vietnam center
  • Approve an unit:
  • Sponsor an unit:
  • Ministry Of Trade Vietnam Trade Fair
    • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
    • This exhibiting can be Vietnam country's at present biggest production industry professional show grand meeting. Previous term or session exhibits meeting gross area 12000 smooth rice, exhibit 325, the business that shares 300 to come from world each country is gone to join more exhibit, foreign ginseng exhibits scale to be as high as 70% , major purchases business to amount to 30 thousand more than person-time.

      Vietnam land area is close kilometer of 330 thousand square, be located in southeast Asia, in be located in an Asia south peninsula the eastpart part, connect with our country Yunnan, Guangxi, border Laos, Kampuchea, southeast is faced with Nanhai photograph, southwest is close to Xian Luo Wan. Situation is unusually advantageous, show population for 81.62 million. Vietnam is famous city of a history inside capital river, hu Zhiming city (old say on the west tribute) for Vietnam the biggest city, haven reachs the most important economy center. Vietnam government language is Vietnamese, the language that negotiable communicating has Chinese, French and English; Beijing evening is compared one hour on time; 50HZ of / of rated voltage 220V.
      Vietnam because the industrial instability of oneself country, commodity of reason great majority needs an import, unfavorable balance of trade is so larger. Vietnam basically exports commodity to have crude oil, dress and spin, aquatic product, shoe kind, electron and computer, rice, coffee; Entrance product basically has: Spare parts of oil of mechanical equipment and spare parts, finished product, rolled steel, autocycle, chemical fertilizer, spin and leather raw material, electron. In Electromechanical kind in the product, of our country of all kinds medium or small tool of machinery of treatment of machinery of Agricultural Machinery and Implement, diesel engine, compressor, of all kinds treatment Bench Machine Tool, package machine, mine, project machine, metal, of all kinds hardware, of all kinds spare parts and whole set of equipment have good market.
      In recent years, environment of Vietnam politics economy is stable, march toward actively internationalization and liberalize. Data shows, vietnam country economy increases by degrees 10 years with the speed of 9% continuously, industrial production value and exit carry year of increase rate of 15%-25% continuously. The change of Vietnam economy environment, in making it blends in the process of economic globalization more quickly. Each other manner is jumped over in affable, relationship is good, two countries has stronger land source dominant position and economy complementary advantage, potential of economic trade development is great. It is important that Vietnam already became Chinese company one of overseas investment foothold.
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