Congress of resource of polish 2008 mining industry and mine machinery are exhib

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  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2008-9-9~2008-9-12
  • Sign up end:
  • 2008-8-12
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • City of Ci of Suo Sinuo dimension
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  • City of Ci of Suo Sinuo dimension
    • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
    • General situation of resource of polish mining industry
      Polish rich is rich, coal, sulfureous, copper, silver-colored reserves and crop occupy world front row. Cupreous reserves 3.19 billion tons (ply of cupreous mineral resources arrives from a few centimeter a few centimeter, content is made an appointment with 2% ) , 10% what take world reserve about; Have the silver-colored crop is the biggest company on the world (year the quantity produces about 1 kiloton) ; Other resource still has zinc, lead, natural gas, salt to wait. Polish hard coal reserves makes an appointment with 46.8 billion tons, lignite reserves makes an appointment with 14.1 billion tons; Natural gas reserves is 119 billion stere about, natural gas crop can satisfy the 1/3 of domestic demand.

      Exhibit meeting general situation
      In view of polish and substantial mining industry natural resources, the machinery related to mining industry and technical market demand are more exuberant, at the same time relevant heavy industry also develops quite. The assurance with the plenary meeting of resource of world mining industry that TAFCON GROUP and KOLPORTER EXPO Company hold together and mining industry and mine machinery very good exhibition this market chance, offerred to exhibit for broad travelling merchant, the platform of communication. Exhibition of machinery of mine of mining industry and mine machinery exhibition and exhibition of Chile mine machinery, Australia and exhibition of American mine machinery are eponymous, it is one of grand meeting of world mine machinery. Congress of previous term or session and exhibit the person that can attract 1200 ginseng to meet and 360 ginseng that come from 25 countries and area to postpone business. Exhibit meeting accumulating to amount to 20000 square metre.
      On January 1, 2008, polish, the country such as Czech will join procession of European Union Shen Genguo, exhibited business to offer more convenient condition for broad ginseng, make join exhibit business to be able to go out to achieve the biggest gains all right.

      Congress of resource of world mining industry
      The person of the same trades that the purpose of congress of resource of world mining industry is the mining industry resource that boosts each continent reach the collaboration of economic domain in science, technology, the professional personage inside further trade has thought and experience communication. The personage of professional business affairs inside course of study and policymaker will gather together mining industry of this world of second congress scale develops blue print. Congress of resource of world mining industry is forum of the world's most large-scale mining industry resource, the person that attend the meeting was head and shoulders above the limits that sponsors a country. Held 1958 first congress of world natural resources, attract to congress of natural resources of this age group come from the whole world more than 6000 expert of 50 many countries attends a meeting.
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