Kun Shilan machinery makes a technology exhibit

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  • Ginseng extend date:
  • 2008-10-21~2008-10-23
  • Sign up end:
  • 2008-9-20
  • Ginseng exhibit the ground:
  • The Sibanhui in Australian cloth exhibits a center
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  • Encourage exhibits a group
    • Postpone meeting brief introduction:
    • Will greet Kun Shilan machinery to make the 3rd grand meeting that the technology postpones 2008. QMAN is the country that runs in Sydney and Melbourne the brother of production technology week is exhibited meeting. Postpone the rapid development that aims to promote Kun Shilan manufacturing industry and project trade originally. Manufacturing industry is the main pillar of Kun Shilan economy, the person that exhibit formulate of standards of the supplier that is complete Australia, person that purchase, product originally and businessman creation interact, trade actively environment.

      Exhibit meeting data
      Current: The 3rd
      The exhibition is periodic: Two years
      Previous term or session extends meeting time: 2006
      Show an area: 1, 500 square metre
      Audience gross: 1, 900

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    Exhibit meeting site activity
    • Exhibit meeting site activity:
    Connect a data
    • Contact:
    • Li Min
    • Company name:
    • International of legend of Beijing silk road shows limited company
    • Country or area:
    • China
    • Province / city - city:
    • Beijing - Beijing
    • Contact an address:
    • The ave austral Xizhimen 6 A

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