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Although domestic valve industry was begun in 80 time metaphase,use the job that international standard and associated design, combination develops, and major product used advanced level of international standard and abroad, but because carry out,carry out have difference, at present domestic valve produces character to measure a level still the requirement under international standard. Main show is in:
Thick out of tolerance of wall of ⑴ wool blank;
Quality of surface roughness of ⑵ cast surface is poor;
⑶ casts dimension precision difference;
Phenomenon of leakage of inside and outside of ⑷ general valve is serious, even some valve are still unwarrantable the reliable job inside an overhaul period;
⑸ actuating device breed is little, standards is not full, dependability is poor, cannot satisfy the need of large whole set of equipment.

Quality of foreign valve product can achieve the requirement of the standard such as API, JIS, BS commonly, and cast the immanent quality of semifinished product tall, precision is tall, need not rebuild can go up private plane treatment, specious, typecasting clarity, sealed performance is good. The breed norms of filling and spacer is much, can satisfy the requirement of different operating mode. Automata valve performance data is stable, assure in use adequately not leak, adjust precision is accurate. The service life of general valve all can achieve 1~2 overhaul period, longer even.

Valve product value
Valve product is the product with a very low profit margin. Although valve market value is annual have litre fall, but overall smoother. The price of valve industry reference that the product value of each enterprise followed guild of Chinese general valve basically to weave. Because competition of valve industry market is intense, current, some manufacturer homes still are carried out 1996 the price in order to strive for an user.
New product and sheet the batches small product that be not mark still does not have industry guidance price, fix a price by company proper motion. The product of new and high technology that the enterprise has the class on development only and production are weak a batches small product that be not mark, ability and calm high price, have competition ability again.
In addition, additional to the price take seriously have state-owned, civilian battalion, cooperative, among them cooperative pays close attention to the price most go up drop, state-owned company take second place. Comparatively, joint-stock when buying valve with foreign capital enterprise, won't put the value in the first place (these enterprises take quality) seriously more.
Valve product dosage
The user industry of valve is vaster, can divide mix for oil, petrifaction, chemical industry, electric power, irrigation works, metallurgy, city building, mechanical, coal, food other (among them, the user of industry of machinery and chemical industry cares most to valve market, they are taller also to the requirement of valve) . Be in at present on the market, the user uses the most, most general valve breed to be a powerful person of ball valve, shut-off valve, brake, relief valve; It is butterfly a powerful person and control valve next; The 3rd for check valve; The 4th for a powerful person of pressure-relief valve, blowdown and steam drain valve; The 5th for shut-off valve and diaphragm valve; The 6th reach other valve for faucet a powerful person, force plunger a powerful person. A powerful person of ball valve, shut-off valve, brake, relief valve and from the back the dosage of administrative levels valve differs bigger, its the 63.6%(that total output holds all sorts of valve output presses unit of output ton plan) .
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